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2008 Spring Practice-Day 5

April 9, 2008

Junior running back L.J. Flintall

On the competition for the position amongst himself, Chris Garrett, Vince Davidson and Donte Harden:

Before we're football players, we're all friends. If one of us needs something, we're there to lend a helping hand. All of us have our own certain skills that make us good backs and we're just all fighting for that No. 1 spot. Vince is a smooth guy and his speed is so deceptive because you don't realize how fast he gets through the hole. As far as my style goes, I'm smooth myself, but I like to hit holes harder and get momentum quickly down the field.


Senior tight end Andrew Mooney

On the focus of this offseason:

There's never been a question about how hard this team works, it's always been about who's going to be up front leading us. That's one of the questions that's going to be answered this offseason.


On the offense:

We're always going to be a run-first team. The only difference is maybe the load will be shifted now to a few people instead of one guy that's just going to carry the ball for the entire game. I think we probably have more weapons on this team than Ohio has ever had in a long time. I'm not too worried because we have playmakers and we'll get stuff done.


On getting back practicing last week:

For some of us, it's a little bit of a double-edged sword. It's fun to get back out here but for those of us who played a lot of snaps last year, you still feel the season a little bit. I'm never going to complain about coming out here and playing football but it'll be nice when that spring game comes.


On whether or not he's surprised how much Ohio utilized the tight end position last year:

No, I'm not surprised. One of the factors in my decision to come here was that the staff would be able to use the talent we have at tight end. I was always confident that I was going to be able to get my chance here.


On his approach to the game:

One of my goals during the spring was to work on the little things. Last year, we just focused on fundaments and this year I'm really trying to focus of some of the areas where I might be a little weaker.


On being a senior:

Hopefully, I can set myself up for life after football (with a good senior year). What I did last year probably opened a few doors. I'm just hoping to build on that.


On the depth at tight end:

We're definitely going to need three, you can't do it with just two. We had to do that a little bit at the end of the season last year, and it was really tough. Both Adam Olsheski and Nate Caldwell have an excellent chance to step in this year and make some things happen.