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2010 Spring Practice - Day Seven

April 12, 2010

Athens, Ohio -

Head Coach Frank Solich

On the health of the offensive line:

We're a lot healthier this spring and that's encouraging. Plus, a lot of the guys who were thrown into the fire last year have gotten the experience at their position. I think it is showing because I like what I see out of the offensive and defensive lines this spring.

On how he sees the offensive line shaking out:

A.J. Strum has gotten a lot of time at tackle and left tackle. Joe Flading has seen most of the time at right tackle and Ryan McGrath has the ability to be really good and now it's just a matter of how he learns things. Jonathan Lechner is the exact same way. Those two guys I just mentioned have really good talent and I think they will just keep coming along. So I think we're going to be fine at the tackle spot.

If you look at center, three are a number of guys that will continue to contend. Skyler Allen will contend and Matt Britain looks to be holding up well. We're off a little on snaps with those guys in there ... Alex Mitchell will be another person to contend.  

I like the makeup of our guys if we do get banged up a little.  If we get our other guards back then I think we'll be pretty deep heading into the season at the guard spot.  I also think we're set with the type of quality players we have right now at the tackle spot.

Offensive Lineman Vince Carlotta

On having depth during spring practice:

Last year was a lot harder working with five guys.  We wouldn't have much of a break, we'd just have to keep going the whole time.  The heat would drag on you.  Now, we have so much depth that we're good at each position.  We have depth and that helps the competition.

On position battles:

You always have to keep working hard and you can never assume you have a spot.  When it comes to summertime and camp then, we'll all be fighting for the five spots.  The competition just starts again.  Whoever shows up and does their job the best will have a spot on the team. 

On playing center:

At first, I was a little scared but after having Skyler next to me for a while ... we were both second-team last year ... I got really comfortable in what he was doing.  He knows what he's doing in there and that makes me more comfortable. 

On the line's potential:

There's a lot more potential.  We have two young tackles and they're just out there on second-team as well.  We also have a young center and we're all just continuing to try and get better every year.  We know our jobs and when we know them, we can go full speed.  Once we can go full speed, then we can use all our athleticism.