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2010 Spring Practice - Day Eight

April 13, 2010

Athens, Ohio -

Offensive Coordinator Tim Albin

On the running philosophy:

We had our moments last year but we were way too inconsistent in games.  That's obviously a targeted thing that we need to improve upon this season.  We've been good this spring with an emphasis on the running game and we're trying to move forward in that direction.  We have a long way to go and today was a nice day.  I'm certain that we are better today than we were on the first day.  I also know we are nowhere near ready for a game.  We are a work in progress but we're past the midway point of spring ball and moving in the right direction.

On Meredith:

During the scrimmage, Casey had the big run there down the sideline.  He was impressive with a couple blocks for his first scrimmage.  He was in our winter conditioning program and this spring he's trying to make an impact and he's done well so far.  We've thrown a lot at him, being a walk-on, and he's handled picking up the new offense pretty well.  To Casey's point, he's a physical runner and he will bring something to the table as a blocker

Running Back Casey Meredith

On his style of running gaining some notice:

Pretty much. I knew I'd have to come into spring practice and impress them with my physical running. Do it by running through people and not with quickness and speed. I just stuck to my instincts and did what I have to do.

On what he feels will earn him a roster spot:

Yes, I believe so. I'm not going to impress anyone with my speed or quickness. I think just my toughness and my hard-nosed way of playing football will hopefully get me on the field in the fall.

On his past and future playing football:

I played at Toledo in the '08 season and after the season, I decided I was not going to play anymore.  I just did not think football was going to be in my future so I decided to come here to Ohio University.  I actually knew Coach Germano, he was a family a friend, and I told him I missed the game a lot.  So I put my head toward it and stuck to my goal of wanting to play this year.  I would play left guard if they asked me too.  I'd play anywhere just to get on the field.