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2011 Ohio Football Spring Game Quotes

April 16, 2011

Head Coach Frank Solich

On the play of the quarterbacks:

They both can play and they have the ability to run this football team and make throws. They need to keep improving but I like what they’ve been able to do so far. You can see movement and that’s all I need to see at this point and time. They were flushed out of the pocket and showed, at times, that they could handle that; finding receivers on the move or running with it. I liked how they handled themselves today. That’s going to be a key for us.

On the running backs and how they blocked:

They’ve all got pretty good strength and courage when it comes to blocking. Ryan Boykin has the most size and is strong. Dallas Brown is very physical, Beau Blankenship will block you and I think all of our backs will stand in there and take you on.

On the shaping of the defensive line:

I like the guys who are coming back and I’d like more of them, but they can be very good football players. We will miss some of the guys we lost, but we’re not void of having good football players. If those guys continue to develop, they’ll go from being good players to better players. I like our incoming freshmen and some of those guys will have to give us some depth. I think we can put a good defensive front on the field.

On dealing with injuries last season and having guys back:

That will add to what we are all about. Having Noah Keller, LaVon Brazill miss time...you can go down the list with the rest of the guys who were banged up or had to have surgery. Having all of them back in the fold will be something that will help us when summer rolls around and we get these guys back to being healthy.

Defensive Lineman Kyle Kozak

On his three-sack performance:

It was definitely what I was brought here to do and I plan on doing that every single play.

On how he's fitting in:

We have a great team with a ton of camaraderie. We go through a lot together and the team is always there for one another. After transferring in, the guys really took me and made me one of their own. That’s how they deal with everyone here. We’re all family and we’re all dealing with the same things every day. We keep fighting.

Overall feelings at Ohio:

Yes, I just love it here. I love the school and Coach Solich. I have tremendous respect for him and everything he’s done. Anything he says, I listen and anything he tells me to do, I’ll do it.

Dealing with the style of play:

We’re hurting a little and it is spring so guys need to rest up and get healthy. Not a lot of issues, we’re in good shape and need to keep improving there. We have to go just as hard as our offense on every single play.

Tight End Zac Clark

On the flow of the offense:

I think we accomplished a lot and spring ball is just trying to work out the kinks. So far, we’ve done a nice job with the offense and the plays that are being called.

On his two-TD performance:

It definitely gives you the peace of mind that you can make plays. If you can work hard to get open, then the quarterback will be able to get it to you and we’ll make a big play happen.

On the tight end unit adjustments:

It’s been a big adjustment time for us because we, as tight ends, have to be in even better condition with the shuttling back and forth. Our mindset is totally different off the field too because you have to stay so focused and aware on every single play.

On the team's goals:

No, our goals are the same. We want to win as many games as possible, try and win the Mid-American Conference and get to, hopefully win, a bowl game.

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