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Ohio Football Completes Second Spring Scrimmage

April 17, 2010

ATHENS, Ohio-The Ohio football team completed it second spring scrimmage Saturday morning at Peden Stadium.


Running back Ryan Boykin led the rushing attack with eight carries for 64 yards, while the quarterbacking tandem of Phil Bates and Tyler Tettleton combined to complete 11 of 18 passes for 123 yards, a touchdown and an interception.


Nine different Bobcats caught passes on the day, with running back Vince Davidson and wideout Tyler Futrell snaring two each.


Bates tossed the only touchdown of the day with a 26-yard swing pass to Davidson and the Dayton, N.J. native took the pass and knifed his way through oncoming tacklers into the end zone. Futrell’s 28-yard reception from Tettleton was the longest completion of the afternoon.


Cornerback Omar Leftwich recorded the day’s only interception, stalling the Bobcat offense with a 40-yard return on the pick.


Boykin also had the longest rush of the day, a 20-yard scamper through the Ohio defense.


Linebacker Byron Brown led the way defensively with seven tackles, while defensive lineman Curtis Meyers and cornerback Ryan Clark had four each.


In all, the Ohio defense recorded seven tackles for loss and five sacks. Linebacker Alphonso Lewis had two of those TFLs and 1.5 sacks.


Head Coach Frank Solich

On the play of running back Ryan Boykin:

He’s a big back, and when he gets turned up the field, he’s a strong, physical runner. That showed today. I think in learning our offense, our running backs come at these plays from a different angle, and it takes time to really get comfortable and seeing the reads you need to see to make all the plays. I think the physical part from Ryan was good today.


On Melvin Payne settling in on the defensive line:

It’s the right position for him. He’s really going to be good at that position. I’m really excited about our rush ends and the quality of rush ends that we have. We’re going to put people on and off the field, move them around some and put more pressure on teams that throw the ball a lot.


Defensive Lineman Melvin Payne

On the defense making strides in the last week:

I feel like we’ve improved things as far as holding them to one touchdown today. We did better than we did last week. We need to keep working and get to where we can run the defensive plays to perfection.


On the move from linebacker to the defensive line:

I played some defensive end in high school. It’s getting back to the basic things like remembering your technique and hand placement. The big thing about it is seeing the overall defense and coming off the (offensive) tackle or the tight end. At linebacker, you have more keys and you have to watch out for other players, as well as yourself.


Running Back Ryan Boykin

On getting out and playing:

It felt good. I haven’t gotten to get out and practice as much as I’d like the last week, so it felt good to come out and hit somebody.


On if they have the tools in place to run the ball more physically:

We definitely do. We’re being a lot more physical in our drills. Coach is making it a lot more of a point to lower our shoulders and hit somebody too.


On getting use to the angles and formations:

I’m still learning. It’s a lot different here than what I ran in high school. I feel like I’m learning and getting better day by day. I need to build my speed up more. It won’t hurt to get a little quicker.


On the motivation of the running backs:

We’re excited to get out there and run the ball. It helps out the passing game more. The play action and some of those things goes with it. The better we run the ball, it helps everything out.


Linebacker Noah Keller (from Thursday)

On his expectations for the defense this year:

I think the defense will definitely be improved. One thing that is hard to determine is the number of turnovers you’re going to produce, but we keep working on that every practice. We want to better ourselves from where we were last year. Statistically, from terms of yardage and points given up, we definitely have the type of personnel to bring that down. If we can do that and create the same amount of turnovers, if not more, we’ll be a good team.


On his leadership role:

I still try to do the same things I did last year. I’m going to lead by example and try to coach players on the run. I’m going to try to lead on the field, off the field and in the classroom as well. Now that I’m a senior and the only returning captain, I’ve got even more guys looking up to me this year.


On his expectations for the spring game:

It’s going to be a good one. Not only does our offense have a lot of returning weapons back, but so does our defense. We need to try to do a better job of limiting big plays and trying to force big plays, but I think it’s going to a good one.