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2011 Spring Practice - Day 15

April 21, 2011

Defensive Coordinator Jimmy Burrow

On his the next steps for the defense:

"The key is getting our freshmen in this summer with strength and conditioning and getting them ready to compete for playing time. The depth at the defensive line group is something that we've continued to work with, so that group has to play it out. We'll look at those young corners and the linebackers, but I think we've got a great group. It's just a matter of getting those guys in two-a-days and seeing if they contribute early. Then this summer, all of those guys can improve in strength and conditioning and they'll just keep getting better playing defense."

On the status of the players after spring ball:

"I don't think we've lost anyone as far as the two-a-days are concerned. So, that's a big plus. You know, towards the end you start worrying about injuries. I saw Xavier and LaVon get tangled up in the corner of the endzone during a pass, and you get a little worried. But overall, it was a good spring for us."

Junior Tight End Brian Albrecht

On his thoughts of spring practice:

"I think it went well. I love the new offense and I think everyone was picking up the signals really well. I think down the road we're going to be a pretty physical football team."

On his adjustments to the speed of the game:

"It's a quick turnaround during the play, so you can't really think about it. You have to get up and get to the line of scrimmage. You have to get the signals, and I think we're learning them. But that is taking more time than usual."

On his thoughts on his role as a tight end:

"I think as a tight end, our main role is to be a blocker first. You have to protect and be able to block for the running game. I also think that a tight end's job is to catch balls, so there are multiple things to it. You have to be smart and be able to react to different defenses. Even though these were some of my first days at tight end, I really enjoyed it especially the physical aspects of it."

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