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Student-Athlete Quotes on the Passing of Marcellis Williamson

April 28, 2011

Linebacker Noah Keller

On Marcellis:

I always let him know how much he was appreciated. He was a great player. I already miss him on the field, now I’m going to miss him off it as well. He always talked about his “glory days” in fifth grade and tried to crack jokes about how he should be playing linebacker.”


Defensive Lineman Jeff King

On playing alongside Marcellis

I’m going to remember a lot. His energy was unbelievable. He always smiled. His energy or his work ethic, I don’t know if it could be matched by anybody. He worked hard. We were on the defensive line, we were a very close-knit group and he welcomed everyone. He was one year older and he welcomed me right away. I play his same position and it was an honor playing behind him. I actually heard from a fellow defensive lineman, Dak Notestine, who I’m sure you’re all familiar with. He called me last night and I was at a loss for words. Seeing someone that powerful and that great at everything he did. It’s unbelievable. I like to think that maybe God needed a nose guard and he got a really good one.


On Marcellis stories:

One thing I’ll definitely remember is that his warmup in the weight room before he would bench press was something that I don’t think anyone has ever really seen, even (Strength and Conditioning) Coach Sano. I couldn’t even demonstrate it to you. Maybe we have that video somewhere. It was something else. For a guy who can bench a full 400 pounds, I guess you go ahead and let him do that warmup if he’s going to be benching 400 pounds. Another thing is he had more nicknames than I think a lot of people realize. Everyone had something else to call him from ‘Cell Phone’ to ‘Six Deuce’ to ‘Big’.


Former Ohio cornerback Julian Posey

On Marcellis:

He really didn’t have an enemy off the field. He came from a family with a lot of brothers and he was a brother to everyone he ever met. When I first met him, he was 330 but he believed he could do a back flip. He thought he was so athletic and for a guy his size, he was. He could move like a small person. We even got him dancing on video. Overall, he was a fun-loving guy who was high spirited.”