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Ohio Opens Full-Squad Workouts

Ohio Opens Full-Squad Workouts


Tailback Chad Brinker takes a pitch-out from quarterback Dontrell Jackson during the first practice of two-a-days.

  • Athens -- Ohio christened its new football practice facility Thursday morning with a one-hour and 45-minute workout, the first for the full 105-member preseason squad. After participating in Media Day during the lunch hour, the Bobcats returned to the practice field for the first of 14 days of double sessions.

    They will be in two-a-days until Wednesday, August 22, conducting a pair of scrimmages during that span.

    "I was very impressed with our team for a first workout," said Head Coach Brian Knorr. "I think our offense looked pretty crisp and our defense was really flying to the ball."

    Ohio Football Media Day Quotes

    Head Coach Brian Knorr:
    "This is an exciting time for Ohio football. I think there has been a solid foundation set here."

    "We feel we have one of the best venues in the Midwest for college football."

    "Iowa State is coming off the best year they ever had but we get to open them up at our new place."

    "We're very aware of the challenging nature of the schedule and are happy to face it with such an experienced group."

    "I really couldn't be more pleased as to how our guys aren't missing a beat at practice."

    ? on coaching special teams:
    "I am very fortunate to be able to coach Dave Zastudil and Kevin Kerr."

    Offensive Coordinator Greg Gregory:
    "We feel we have one of the best option quarterbacks in the country in Dontrell Jackson."

    "That practice this morning was probably better than any we had in the spring. We're excited."

    Defensive Coordinator Tim Kish:
    "We are very excited about this group. It is good to see the depth we have and the competitive nature of our practices."

    "Tommy Weilbacher is the quarterback of this defense, there's no question about that."

    Joe Mohler (Jr.-2L/WR) on the renovated Peden Stadium:
    "I love the new look of the stadium. We held a team walk-thru last night. Coach Knorr made some pretty inspirational comments and they played the fight song over the loudspeakers. It was a totally new atmosphere."

    ? on the Akron game:
    "The Akron game is definitely on everybody's mind. I think my group feels that the Akron game is the biggest on our schedule this year."

    Tierra Pought (So.-1L /WR) on having four from Thornton Township HS (Brian Ingram, Dontrell Jackson, Stafford Owens, Tierra Pought) on the Bobcats:
    "I think it will be very exciting. I think we are all explosive and are all playmakers."

    Stafford Owens (Fr.-RS/HB), same question:
    "I think (having us together) is big for the group on and off campus. We can look out for each other as a group and have friends in from Chicago. It's definitely a good thing."

    ? on his role in the offense:
    "I think I'll play a major role on the offense, either filling in for Jamel Patterson or Chad Brinker. The coaches have shown they trust me by allowing me to return punts. I can't wait to show them what I can do. I'd like to be a big part of this offense."

    Mareion Royster (Sr.-3L/WR) on his new role:
    "The Z-back position is much different this year than last. In the past the Z came from the backfield probably 70 percent of the time. This year, the Z will be more of the traditional flanker. It should be a good opportunity for me. I feel I am well-equipped for the changes."

    Matt Weikert (Sr.-2L/OLB) on he and Tom Weilbacher leading the Ohio defense:
    "Tom and I are actually roommates this year. We will talk about what we need to do as a team, about unity and what needs to be done to win the MAC. I think Tom is more vocal. I feel I can relay my ideas to him and we can better get our message across."

    ? on where his career has brought him:
    "Coming from a small community and high school (Covington), it's been a great experience for me to be here. I am doing my best to take it all in. It was great to be (Ohio's representative) at MAC Media Day. I appreciate Coach Knorr allowing me to go and be able to meet coaches and players from around the conference."

    Lamar Martin (Jr.-2L/NG) on being a nose tackle:
    "Nose tackle is the best position on the field. We get to make physical contact with someone on every single play. We start everything that happens and are the first to do anything when we hit the opposing center. I take pride in playing nose tackle; I wouldn't want to play anywhere else."

    Dave Zastudil (Sr.-3L/P) on his goals:
    "Being a fifth-year senior, I definitely want to win the MAC. Winning the individual awards is great, but I would rather reach the team goals. Individually, I hope to work on my net average and also my hang time on kicks, which is very important."

    Kevin Kerr (Jr.-2L/PK), same question:
    "I'd like to improve as a unit between me, Dave (Zastudil) and Brandon (Swiger). I want to get the job done every time out and I want Coach Knorr to be confident that when he sends us onto the field, we can be successful 100 percent of the time."

    Justin Roush (Fr.-RS/FB/Meigs HS) on playing for a local school:
    "It's a good feeling to play for a college in your area. It feels good to get a lot more fans to see our games and to ask how you're doing. It's fun to play at Ohio and it'll be fun to see our fans fill the stands."

    Ben Robey (So.-SQ/SS/Nelsonville-York HS), same question:
    "It's nice to see your fans from high school come to your games. It's also nice to be able to go home when you need to and also to be able to talk to your high school friends."