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2010 Fall Camp - Day One

Aug. 9, 2010

Quotes from Head Coach Frank Solich

On the addition of Stephane N'goumou and Dallas Brown

That will certainly give us depth since they're both eligible to play. They're both physical football players with good ability so we're going to throw them into the mix and see how it plays out for them, as we do with most guys at this point in time. We're glad to have them in camp and we think they're excellent additions.

On the return of Boo Jackson

He went through a complete practice today and seemed to have no problem.  He was able to throw comebacks, crossing routes and deep balls with with good arm strength and arm motion. Now he didn't take any hits today, but it has been some time since he's been cleared medically to take them so he should be alright.

On certain competition battles

There are some interior line positions on the offensive side. We also have two guys coming back who have obviously distinguished themselves as the top receivers and we're looking at the young guys.  They have a lot of talent but we have to see where they fit in the equation. Running backs, we just have Vince [Davidson] who's got a lot of experience and will be ready to go at the start of the season. It should be interesting to watch Ryan Boykin, Dallas and the rest of them to see how it all plays out.

Quotes from quarterback Boo Jackson

On returning to the practice field

Not being able to play football for an entire year was a new experience for me.  It helped me realize what I have here, with the team, and it helped me build character that can translate into something positive here on the field. I was down in the dumps and I live with a bunch of guys on the team who tried to pick me up but there were nights where I'd watch Ohio play and I would think 'I should be out there.' Now that I'm back, it's a refreshing feeling.

On his overall feelings

I am restriction-free. I am good to go. They held me out of spring ball and I felt that I was ready. In my head I was ready to throw 80-yard bombs but the medical staff knows best. I was able to get out there and watch what was going on. I was able to get in the film room and study and watch tape from last year. The knowledge was there and now to be back on the field .. it feels good.

On the quarterback competition

Ever since I arrived there's been a quarterback competition. My first two years it was with Theo and now this year it's with Phil [Bates] and Tyler [Tettleton]. It's a good thing to have. We have three capable quarterbacks that all have Division 1 experience. Any one of us can play and all of us want to play, so the best person for that role will get that chance. Phil has natural ability and raw talent and Tyler was a true freshman who contributed last season. We all have the ability and we all bring something different to the table.

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