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2011 Fall Camp - Day Five

Defensive Backs Coach Fred Reed

Aug. 12, 2011

Travis Carrie, Cornerback

On the role of being a senior leader:

Veterans have to set an example. We have to teach and lead by doing instead of just talking about it. We must be cautious of all our mistakes because you never want the younger players to see that you aren't dedicated or focused on the task at hand. We have to be their guides through this process and so far, they're responding well.

On what he learned from former players:

I learned from all the players that came here and then went to the next level; Thad Turner, Mark Parson, Julian Posey, Taylor Price, Errik Ejike, Michael Mitchell, Stafford Gatling. All of those guys impressed their knowledge upon me and now I'm just trying to do the same.

On the importance of helping younger players:

I think you have to share information so everyone is at their best. You always have to have a team mentality. No one withheld information from me. Everyone shared their wisdom with me. It's just that everybody has to be on the same page if you want to be successful.

On how he has changed and what he feels is important for young defensive backs:

I remember my first game against Ohio State. It must've looked like I wasn't excited because Mark Parson called me out and said "why aren't you excited for this?" Since then, my mentality has totally changed. I've grown from watching all the great players achieve here. I've watched their tactics, their workout strategy and the way they played with confidence. When you're out on an island at the corner position, you have to be very confident in your ability and speed.

On how the defense will perform this season:

I always feel that our defensive unit can be the difference. We have to be able to pick up where the other guys left off and improve upon what they did. We can be better last year and that's always the objective, to grow each year. You come to Ohio and you watch greatness and how to get to that next level.

On the freshmen as a whole:

They're doing their part so part and they've made lots of plays out here so far in camp. They have been able to pick up a lot of things on the fly and we, as a unit, have time to get things to where they need to be by our first game.

Fred Reed, Defensive Backs Coach

On Travis Carrie:

He has the all of the leadership qualities you look for in a player. He has good athleticism and understands the game of football. If he continues putting the work in, he can take that next step for us.

On what he has to do to become an elite player:

He just has to find that level of consistency and be able to overcome those injuries he suffered in the past. Coach [Sonny] Sano has done a great job with all of these guys to get them in the best physical condition heading into camp.

On Carrie's leadership traits:

He was more vocal last season and I think he's easing back into that role this fall. He has been trying to lead more by example this camp.