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First and 10 with Matt Waters

Matt Waters

Aug 19, 2013

Matt Waters, a junior college transfer from Iowa Western, is entering his second and final season with the Bobcats, playing at wide receiver. In 2012, Waters saw action in all 13 of the Bobcats games, catching 14 passes for 225 yards. Ohiobocats.com recently sat down with Waters to find out what his thoughts were about the upcoming season.

1. Aside from team goals/expectations, do you have personal goals you set for yourself at the start of every season? What are they?
"At the beginning of every year I set goals for myself. First and foremost, I want to continue to improve and be the best I can be. I would like to be a starter at wide receiver this year, and I hope to catch my first touchdown here at Ohio. No matter how many yards or catches I get I will happy as long as we accomplish our team goals."

2. As the team looks to win not only the MAC-East, but the entire conference, who do you anticipate being your toughest competition within the conference? Why?
"The MAC is a very even conference; any team within the conference could be tough. We need to show up and play hard each and every week to do well in this conference."

3. How would you personally describe yourself as a player?
"I am always working to get better, but I like to think that I am a pretty strong, quick, strong handed, and I am knowledgeable about our offense."

4. Some people may not know that before coming to Ohio University, you spent two years at Iowa Western. How did your time there help prepare you for playing here at Ohio?
"Playing at Iowa Western helped in a variety of ways. It allowed a lot more schools to see me play, and it also gave me the opportunity to use a college weight room. There is a huge difference between a high school weight room and a college weight room."

5. Are there any things you are hoping to improve upon from last year? "I am always trying to get better. I am really trying to focus on my speed and getting as fast as I can be."

6. If you could chose to play any other position, what position would you choose and why?
"I would play running back. I played running back in high school. It wasn't until my junior year of high school that I actually started to play wide receiver."

7. What is it like sharing an apartment with teammates Tyler Tettleton, Beau Blankenship, and Donte Foster? Do you think living together helps your chemistry with one another on the field?
"It's a lot of fun sharing an apartment with those guys. We have a lot of fun together. As far as team chemistry goes, I fell like living together certainly creates better chemistry. I think that always being around one another just naturally increases our chemistry without us even realizing it."

8. Your younger brother Jake is a quarterback at Kansas State this year. Has having a brother who plays QB helped you throughout your football career?
"It definitely has helped. Jake being a quarterback is actually the main reason why I chose to be a wide receiver. It is always nice to have someone to throw, run routes, and practice with. I think it definitely gives me an advantage."

9. Are there any players collegiate or professional that you try to model your own game after?
"I try to watch all of the smaller slot receivers and if I see certain tips or tricks I like, I try to incorporate them into my game.

10. Name one thing that teammates and fans may not know about you?
"I am extremely quiet and shy. Honestly, if I don't know you, I probably won't walk right up and start talking to you."