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Ohio Completes Second Fall Scrimmage

Aug. 21, 2010

ATHENS, Ohio-Ohio quarterback Phil Bates ran for one score and threw for another as the Bobcats scrimmaged for approximately 50 plays Saturday morning at Peden Stadium.


Bates led all rushers with 70 yards on six carries, the bulk of which came on a 65-yard touchdown scamper for the longest play of the day. Running back Devin Favors also registered 44 yards on eight carries.


Quarterback Boo Jackson completed four of his five pass attempts for 75 yards, while Bates also hit wideout Stephane N'goumou for an 11-yard scoring toss for Saturday's other score.


Ohio quarterbacks completed passes to seven different receivers, with wideout Bakari Bussey snaring two for 14 yards. Jackson hit wide receiver Mario Dovell on a 37-yard bomb for the day's longest completion.


The Bobcat defense did have a measure of success as well, coming up with five sacks and 7.5 tackles for loss. Eric Benjamin, Kevin Culver, Alphonso Lewis, Kendrick Davis and Carl Jones all found their way to the quarterback, while linebacker Jay Edwards held top honors with four total tackles.


Head Coach Frank Solich

On the scrimmage:

It was a different scrimmage for us today as we took less reps than on Tuesday. That's primarily due to the fact guys are banged up. When you get a bunch of guys banged up in one area, it really affects their position and then you have to cut back reps for the team. That's not what we look forward to happening obviously, but that's what you have to do. Also at this time of year, you want the experienced guys going against your experienced guys and your younger players going against younger players. However, we did not have that luxury this week, so we combined them into two teams instead of the usual three teams and we had to mix things up. When you do that, sometimes it's not as smooth as you would like but we did see some individual flashes out there and we have to continue to bring it all together. We want all 11 guys to operate together so we can be successful, play after play after play. Also, when you have less snaps, you're going to have to do some running to make sure they're conditioned, which is what you saw here at the end today. Everybody who's healthy got a lot of reps today.  Some starters who were healthy did not but that's a case of getting some inexperienced players some live-action reps. You want to be as healthy as possible going into that first game because you know you have 12 games, and you hope to have 14. That's a long season. To line up week after week and absorb all that contact, it can wear on you.


On the playmaking ability of this team:

We made some individual plays and I think our receivers, as skilled and experienced as they are, will continue to make plays for us. We have to get the ball to them. Our quarterbacks have maneuverability and can run so we can get big plays through the air and on the ground.  Over on defense, it's all about creating turnovers and making key tackles in key situations. Teams can't get continuous first downs against us this year. 


Junior Linebacker Jay Edwards

On his individual development:

I'm starting to get a complete feel for what to do within our entire defensive package. I'm getting to where I know what is going on. I'm getting use to seeing our offense, even thought it isn't who we'll be going against. I'm getting a good read and reacting to it now.


On playing with Noah Keller:

It's great, because Noah is the type of guy that you can go to during practice and ask him anything. He's taking every rep mentally. You can go to him and he'll try to help you out and do whatever he can. He's another coach out there. He'll answer any of your questions, because he knows what's going on.


On the first two weeks of camp in general:

It's been going really well. We're looking for a great upcoming season, and we're going to put it all out there. Hopefully everyone comes out and watches us this year.


Quarterback Phil Bates

On the scrimmage:

I think we played well. We're starting to grasp things and come together as a group. We still have a lot of work to do, but I think we turned a corner today and hopefully we will continue to improve.


On running and throwing for a score:

The plan, for everyone, is to use every tool that you have. Don't come out here and just use your arm or don't come out and just use your legs. You have to use the whole package and all of your skills to try and make it happen.


On the progress made since Tuesday's scrimmage:

That was just the first scrimmage. Guys were just getting back out here after being off since the spring game. Tuesday was the first one, this was our second one and I think everybody is just growing back into the comfort level.


On his big run:

It felt really good. I just hate that yellow jersey ... hate it. But, we have to have them on for our safety. Luckily, September 4th rolls around and we won't have to wear those jerseys anymore.


On the competition:

Well, there hasn't been a decision yet so you have to come out here and continue to work like you are, want to be, the starter every day.

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