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Solich Addresses the Media During Marshall Week

Frank Solich

Sept. 11, 2013

ATHENS, Ohio - Ohio University Football head coach Frank Solich met with the media on Monday to discuss the Bobcats home-opener against Marshall. Check out the complete transcript.

On the carries Beau Blankenship and Ryan Boykin will receive this season
"Beau got a tremendous amount of carries last year and that will be split a little bit more with Ryan this year. Daz' will be mixed in both with the passing game as a wide out as well as some running back situations so it gives us a lot of flexibility."

On Blankenship's toughness
"Beau is such a tough, tough football player and just so mentally tough that he can just stay on the field every snap for you and he plays though those kind of injuries that a lot of guys would be standing on the sideline. He tries to keep going and does keep going, but we can give him some help. Ryan got injured last year and so that created what it did in terms of the number of snaps for Beau. I think we can always have a fairly fresh back on the football field that's going to be a dangerous football player. "

On Ohio's running backs
Beau and Ryan have the size and strength to really get huge yards after contact. Daz' (Patterson) has the ability to make you miss and with that be able to extend plays and get maximum yardage out of plays. There is a place for all of them in the game of football. "

On whether or not Marshall is Ohio's biggest rival
"During Marshall week it is Marshall. During Miami week it's Miami. I think our fans see it as two really prime rivalries between the two schools. I don't look at rivalries as much as maybe what the next guy does. I look at it as the next game. Preparing and playing our best and then being able to do that. I think week after week that's what I want from this football team. I want to be able to have a football team that's mentally, physically and emotionally ready to play every week. We are going to try to compete the same regardless against who we play. I think most teams are like that, there are some rivalries out there that have been in existence for a lot of years and people feed off those rivalries. Even though it's a rival game, we are still going to have to play the following week."

On whether QB Derrius Vick proved that he was deserving of getting time in camp or whether it was the plan to get him some experience
"It's both. He's had a very good camp and we want to get him experience. Obviously anytime an injury occurs the guy that's the next guy is going to have some experience. Tyler (Tettleton) has been such a great quarterback for us for so many years, we're going to be without him next year and we need to have somebody ready play. Now we would not do that if Derrius was not a quality football player that's ready to take snaps but we're going to try to fit him in some. "

On how the offensive line held last Saturday night against North Texas
"I thought the offensive line held up pretty well. I was pleased with their performance.

On the offensive line's performance
I thought they came off the ball well. They were striking people well and getting to the next level. It's a young group. When you have a young group, you get worried about working your way through mistakes and if you have to work your way through too many mistakes you don't move the ball offensively. For them to be able to help us establish the ground game that we had against North Texas was a tremendous effort because North Texas is a very good football team all around on both the offensive and the defensive line. If your going to get something done against them you've got to work hard and you've got to be pretty good and you've got to get people blocked and we were able to do that to a certain extent. I think we'll just keep getting better at that."

On getting the players he would like involved on the offensive line
"We would like to get a few more guys involved and get a few more guys some snaps. We have some guys that are there, especially in the offensive tackle area. Troy (Watson) we would like to see get a few more snaps. We will just go with the most experienced and what seems to be the best five at this point in time out there. "

On the play of tight end Anthony Talbert
"He's what you look for in terms of a tight end. As far as the prototype, he has the structure and he's a physical football player. He's a good pass receiver and a bright guy. He also is very much a team guy. All those things lead to a very good football player."