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Head Coach Frank Solich Post-Game Quotes

Frank Solich

Sept. 21, 2013

Ohio 38, Austin Peay 0
Ohio University Postgame Quotes
Athens, Ohio | Peden Stadium
Attendance: 19,547
Sept. 21, 2013

Ohio head coach Frank Solich
On the game
"It was a good win for our guys. It was a good thing to see them separate in the score from Austin Peay." Those kind of games are tough on me. I want to dominate every play and that's not how college football works. I am pleased at the fact we were able to get a shutout and put 38 points on the board. We have to get better. There are a lot of things we can improve on. I think at some point in the season we have to look at our team and how they practice and make sure not to beat them down. But this week should provide a good amount of rest. The bye is at the beginning of the conference play, so that's good."

On the mentality of the team for the game against an FCS opponent
"We've had a lot of discussions as a coaching staff since we got here and I think it's pretty well hammered into the players, how we go about things. It's the only way that we can win games consistently in college football. If you look at schools that you are supposed to beat and you don't prepare the same way, then upsets are there to be made. If you prepare right and practice right the opponent doesn't matter. If you get the players to understand that then your chances of stepping on the field any given night and playing well improves."

On getting his first shutout at Ohio
"Shutouts are not easy in this game, every team has good athletes. That's just the way it is in major college football. To shut a team out is no easy task, their field goal kickers helped us out, but it was a shutout."

On the strategy behind the quarterbacks' playing time
"We were planning to get Darrius a series in the second quarter. Then the plan was to come back with Tyler and to start him in the second half and just see how the score went. If we started to separate ourselves, then Darrius would play considerably, if it was still a ball game Tyler would have stayed in."

On the kicking situation
"Playing time is up for grabs. Obviously it was good to see Yazdani make that field goal. It's been a close race all of fall camp and the race is not necessarily over."

On the importance of playing well heading into a bye week
"Obviously this game is about momentum and we are coming off three straight wins. Two of the teams were very good football teams and the team we played today is a young team that is trying to build a program."

On the benefits of getting younger players in the game
"It's great to get the younger players get some playing time. It's nice to have games where you can just substitute freely. That doesn't happen in the MAC, the caliber of the talent doesn't allow you to do that. We got everybody in today that is not redshirting, injured or ineligible.

On Devin Bass' suspension
"It is a one-game suspension."

On Matt Waters development
"When he first got here he was dropping too many passes. But he has worked on it and has become a reliable receiver. He's a great route-runner that is going to get open. He's developed into a very solid receiver, he blocks well too."