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Solich Meets With the Media on the Bye Week

Frank Solich

Oct. 18, 2012

ATHENS, Ohio - Ohio University football head coach Frank Solich held his weekly press conference on Wednesday afternoon to discuss the Bobcats' Top 25 ranking and the upcoming Bye Week.

On the team
"I have not talked to the team since I spoke to them in the locker room after the game. Our coaches - nine assistant plus myself - went recruiting and it seemed to be the right time to do that since we gave the players time off, which was certainly well earned. We're now going to get re-energized and start focusing on Miami and our practices and getting back to football."

On the Bye Week practice schedule
"We'll probably have a typical Tuesday practice on Thursday - we'll be in full pads. We'll have some discussion about that tomorrow when we meet as a staff. Then we'll go in half pads or no pads on Friday. We'll then give them Saturday and Sunday off. I think it would be a mistake if we didn't give them a good amount of time off during this bye week. In saying that, you don't want to give the players too many obligations (in terms of football). What we are trying to accomplish is to have a practice to where we are working on things that are good to work on when you're in pads. Miami has been able to move the ball and put points up on the board. We'll work on our tackling and different things that we need to do better."

On the health of Ohio Safety Gerald Moore
"I would think that he would have a good chance at that. We'll see what John Bowman thinks as far as whether or not he should resume practice tomorrow or give him those two days off and then come back on Monday, so we'll see what John thinks about it."

On the overall health of the team
"We're having a few things checked out, but in talking to John (Bowman) he thinks they are just precautionary, so we're keeping our fingers crossed that nothing comes from an MRI that we're having done."

On the Bobcats' Top 25 ranking
"I think it is great for the program. It gives us national recognition, which is always good for you. It is good for recruiting. It is good for the attitude of the players in our program right now. It is good for the attitude of the coaches. I think it is great for the fans. There are a lot of pluses with this ranking. I think the only drawback is that it paints a bigger target on your back, but that's something we are glad to accept - you want that. We just need to learn on how to respond to that."

On the impact the team's Top 25 ranking has made on recruiting
"Well right now you're not allowed to visit with players during this time, but coaches have made mention of it (the national ranking) and I'm sure our other coaches that were on the road found that to be the same too. When you get that type of national exposure and you're around football people, they know what is going on and that has definitely been a plus for us."

On the MAC's stance on Carl Jones
"They are not going to take any additional action."

On whether the team will use a the same defensive scheme it used against Akron to try and contain Miami QB Zac Dysert
"It was clear to us that Akron was a very good passing football team. We drew back to last year's game against Miami and it was a game that was won at the very end by us and we would expect it to be that type of a ballgame. It has always been a very physical football game whenever we play Miami. They have good personal and they love to throw the ball and we'll definitely have to stop that. Our approach won't change. We talked about Akron (last week) and we have to stop the run first. As you know, they (Akron) ran the ball pretty well and they have a pretty good running attack. The approach of stopping the run first will be the approach we'll take for the remainder of the year, regardless of who we face. We want to try and slow the running game down and try to limit explosive plays in the passing game."