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Solich Addresses the Media During Bowling Green Week

Head Coach Frank Solich

Nov. 7, 2013

ATHENS, Ohio -- Ohio University football head coach Frank Solich met with the media on Thursday to discuss the Bobcats' matchup with Bowling Green. Check out the complete transcript.

Opening Statement
"Bowling Green is having an excellent season, and it’s clear that they’re doing things well in all phases of the game. Just looking at them, I think they have two of the better lines in the MAC. I’m impressed with what they’ve done week by week. There are some similarities between Buffalo and Bowling Green. They both have outstanding running backs, quarterbacks who can throw and run and have very physical defenses."

On getting better at stopping the run
"It’s frustrating for our players. We showed signs of playing the run very well in the first half against Buffalo. It ended up being a third quarter that did us in, in terms of the game. We’ve shown signs at getting better at stopping the run. It may not feel that way by looking at. We certainly have to play with more consistency and make sure we’re gap-oriented and doing things without flaw. You can’t give a great running back opportunities by covering the wrong gap and not having many players around the ball. One way to slow down a great back is to get multiple hits on him every time he touches the ball. You can’t do that with guys out of place. We’re working on getting better. We have a young, inexperienced line that is getting experience as we go. If you look at the top ten or twelve tacklers on our football team from the last game, the majority of those guys are underclassmen. We’re a football team that is young up front on both offense and defense. At times you have growing pains, and I think that’s the case."

On probability of Donte Foster and Devin Bass playing on Tuesday
"Donte is questionable. Devin should be able to practice at some point this week, we think. I guess you’d list both of those guys as questionable for the game. We’re beat up more than we’ve been at any point this year. Donte has a lower back injury, so it’s nothing that would necessarily keep him out for the rest of the season, but these types of injuries can be slow to heal."

On offensive line's struggles against Buffalo
"I thought the game was a defensive football game in the first half. Both teams made some plays, but neither team made plays with consistency in the first half. In the second half, we remained the same; we still continued to be inconsistent. I think it went back to not only the offensive line, but across the board. We need to play better than we did."

On improving passing game
"We’ve been a good passing team, and after the one week, we’re not. There is no magic week of practice that’s going to change that around and get you back to where it was. We practiced well last week. We’ll get back to what we really do well. One thing that could help the passing game is to have a good running game. We’ve been talking about that week after week to get that done, and we’ve not been able to get that done. We did not have an explosive run over 25 yards, and we did not have a big run. If you don’t have an explosive run or a big run in a game, your running game isn’t functioning. We certainly need to get that better now. A lot of credit goes to Buffalo. I think they’re a very good football team and have a good collection of athletes and a few superstars."

On facing another top MAC defense
"A lot of this game is emotional. We’re dealing with 20-year-old players, and their emotions are up and down. When things are going well, it shows. When things aren’t going well and things fall against them, sometimes that shows, too. I think that happened last game, and we need to learn how to overcome that as much as anything in terms of Xs and Os. That’s where your leadership has to show when those moments come up."

Reaction to MAC announcement of two blown calls in the game
"It’s good to see that that’s acknowledged. Hopefully, in terms of replay and what can be evaluated, that may spark some talk and make sure those errors aren’t made. Those are egregious errors where there should be a process in place to not allow those to happen."

On Bowling Green
"Their balance impresses me. They have an excellent offensive line. They have an excellent running back and a quarterback that is very efficient. He's a 65-percent thrower. Combine all of that, and you've got yourself an offense that can really score points. You look at their defense, and they're physical. You never see them out of place. They're a well-coached defensive unit. So, they don't allow a lot of points on the board."

On defensive preparation
"We've got to make sure that we don't find ourselves out of position. You cannot have breakdowns, and you have really got to tackle well."

On junior defensive lineman Antwan Crutcher
"He's played really well at times. He's learning how to continue to play as the game goes on. He's got a lot of ability, and we can utilize his quickness more."

On redshirt senior running back Beau Blankenship
"We had an experienced offensive line last year that played a major role. Any time you have a running back getting things done, there's a reason for it. This year, we're dealing with a more inexperienced line. We had trouble earlier in the year getting those guys to settle into one position because of injuries. But now, we're getting to where more and more guys are settling in, and I think that will help Beau's running game."