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Solich Addresses the Media During Kent State Week

Head Coach Frank Solich

Nov. 14, 2013

ATHENS, Ohio -- Ohio University football head coach Frank Solichmet with the media on Thursday to discuss the Bobcats' matchup with Kent State. Check out the complete transcript.

Opening Statement
"Obviously, the last couple games have been tough on us. Losing is something that we've not done a lot of here for quite some time. When you lose by margins that we have the last two games that sets you spinning even more. In saying that, we want to make sure we don't make decisions regarding your players, your coaches, your program based off the last couple weeks. It's easy to overreact and point fingers in this business. The basis of this all is that we're a very solid program. When you look at the MAC from 2009-2012, there are only three schools that have been able to have winning seasons each of those three years: Northern Illinois, Toledo, and Ohio. If you include this year, that'll be five years. Obviously, we have to win to ensure that it's a winning season and not a .500 season. A lot of good has happened. The only reason I say that is because losing two games impacts your program when you're used to winning. It impacts the players, the coaches and the fans. The one thing I don't want to do is overreact. There are things that have to happen in order to continue to win. Obviously, we have to stay unified and not question everything. There is solid ground this program is built on top of, and we have to continue to keep moving it forward."

On last two losses
"My concern is on getting the program back to winning. People have the right to feel how they want to feel about an athletic program. You see it around the country. There are strong fan opinions, but that's part of the game. I have to answer to myself. I'm my own worst critic. I'm not satisfied, our coaches aren't satisfied, our players aren't satisfied, but we don't go in a panic mode."

On approach to Kent State game
"They have playmakers across the board and are a very good athletic football team. They have been very strong defensively for a number of years. They have playmakers on the offensive side, and that carries over to special teams. We understand the quality of team that we're facing, and it will take a great effort and the top of our game to get it done. The games between Kent State have been physical, hard-fought football games."

On last two games
"The enthusiasm wasn't there. The ability to take a hit and come back off of it and deliver was not shown. Those are alarming things. So, we'll continue to look at them, visit with our players and try to get to the bottom of what has put us in this position. Then, we'll try to figure out things that we can do to enhance what we're all about on the football field. Playing with excitement is where it has got to start. Playing with great enthusiasm is where it's got to be."

On postseason play 
"In the big picture, that is a concern. But really, we have narrowed our view in terms of how we're looking at this. We're looking at this from a very narrow scope in terms of what we need to do to address the immediate game at hand. We will not be able to control whether or not we end up in a bowl game. That, right now, is not the main focus. The main focus is to get us playing on top of our game and then wherever that takes us."

On status of R-Sr. CB Travis Carrie and R-Sr. WR Donte Foster 
"Travis is getting an MRI, and we'll know more off of that. Donte went into the game not 100 percent. It wasn't clear even through warm-ups even how much he would be able to play. How much he re-aggravated that injury will take a few days to determine."

On Kent State's personnel 
"I've always felt that they have had quality athletes. They play well against us. It's developed into one of those kinds of games. They've got some playmakers in their system, and I think they have really used them well. They have done the necessary things to be a good football team, a team that is capable of winning any time they step on the field. And so, they've got a combination of things that makes it difficult to go against them."