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Solich Addresses the Media on UMass Week

Frank Solich

Nov. 28, 2013

ATHENS, Ohio - Ohio University football head coach Frank Solich addressed the media on Monday prior to the Bobcats' matchup with the University of Massachusetts. Read the entire transcript here.

Opening Statement...
"As all of our games have been, it's an important game for us. As I look at [UMass], they are a sound football team. They are well-coached. They fill the gaps and they don't have breakdowns in their coverages. We'll have to beat them man-on-man in order to get it done."

On balancing playing time for seniors and underclassmen on Senior Day..
"I haven't given that that much thought. We go into a game to win it, so obviously that'll be the primary purpose. Ideally, we'd like to get all of the seniors playing time. It's a class that has contributed greatly to Ohio University. They've won a lot of game, gone to bowl games and won bowl games. They've helped us step forward with our program and with facilities. Without them being successful and doing the right things off the field as well as on the field, we wouldn't have been able to get the indoor facility built. There have been some great contributions by this class, and we want to see them go out right."

On talk about a bowl appearance...
"There's not a lot of talk by us about it. We're intent on trying to get the win and get us to a winning season. What happens happens with the bowls. Obviously we'd love to go to a bowl, but it's out of our hands to a certain degree. In order to have any kind of scenario that would work, we have to win."

On UMass' play this season...
"They play hard until the end. To have your team doing that where they are in their season and how it's worked for them, it's a real tribute to their coaches and their players. We know what we're going to get. They were able to put points on the board against us last year, and they got a share of those guys back. We have to sure up what we're doing in order to make sure we have the edge going in."

On how tough the last three games have been...
"When we first got here, obviously there was some losses that were difficult, but we were growing. We knew that our players were playing hard and we knew we were playing some ball clubs that had really excellent talent and yet we were able to be in a lot of those ball games - if not win them at least be in them - so taking away that time frame of my coaching career and taking away my building of two high school programs where the second one took a couple years to build and there were some losses in there. There hasn't been that many losses and so I found that in this business every single one is tough to take regardless of when they come or how many come in a row."

On motivating the team for a game the day after Thanksgiving...
"I don't see that as a challenge. I think that our players will be ready. They will play hard and want to send the seniors out on a positive note since everyone wants to go out on a positive note. We will want to have a winning season. There are a lot of things that come into play with this last ball game and so it's not going to take a talk from me to get them ready to play. It's not going to come from anything artificial. It's going to come from a football team that wants to finish the season off right."

On bouncing back from from the past three weeks...
"Well we've played fairly well early in those games - some of them all the way through the half, some of them in the second half. There have been times when it just is broken down for us. Am I concerned about that? I guess anytime it happens to you are concerned about it. I go into this ball game and every ball game feeling the same way. We are going to play four quarters and play our best football and were going to play hard and see what happens."

On weather the team will have Matt Green as the punter...

What is the latest on Travis Carrie and Donte' Foster...
"Travis (Carrie) practiced during our last practice and I think Donte' (Foster) will definitely be ready to play in the game."