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Renfro's Recap-Part 1 of 3

Dec. 25, 2009

Detroit has been a great host for us Bobcats and we have enjoyed our stay here at the Little Caesars Pizza Bowl.  We had an early morning on Tuesday that included our first practice at Ford Field, which was great to finally be indoors and out of the crazy Ohio weather. I think getting a few practices indoors will benefit us greatly because our bodies can adjust to being inside and, therefore, eliminate the cramping issues we had in the MAC Championship. On Tuesday night, we had our first event with Marshall as we had a function to go to and it went well. It was good to get to interact with them and see them out of their pads. I think the players are enjoying themselves and taking in this great opportunity because the guys seemed relaxed and were having a lot of fun. We are excited to see our awesome Bobcat fans here on Saturday to cheer us on. We know the magnitude of this game and how important it is to this University and to our beloved fans. We’re working hard to bring home the school’s first bowl victory. We’re having a great time here, but that’s not all were doing. We’re focused on the task at hand and preparing hard for this game.


On Christmas Eve, the Bobcat family grows closer as the eve of the Little Caesars Pizza Bowl approaches. Today, we had our last and final practice before we step onto the field for one final time this season and it was a good one. I, as well as my teammates, feel very good about the upcoming game. Today, we had the Kickoff Luncheon with the two teams in attendance and I tip my hat to Coach Solich for his speech. He thanked and talked about the support that he has around him and the program. It was a class act by a class man. Marshall’s interim coach Rick Minter is doing a great job of keeping their players up and excited for the game. As gameday approaches, you can sense the players getting more and more anxious and excited for the game. I hope that, come Saturday, the Bobcats have their best performance of the year and bring home history to Athens. The highlight of the day came this evening when Mark (our team chaplain) and Mindy Heflin, who are on staff with Athletes in Action, put on a Christmas Eve service for the players and families here in Detroit. With the help of players and the families of the coaches, the service was just what missing on this Christmas Eve. It was like we were all one big family and brought us all a little closer and we were reminded of the true meaning of Christmas. We have the most amazing people at Ohio University and that includes not just the players and coaches, but the coaches’ families, support staff, administrators and their families, and of course, the Bobcat Nation. Myself and the rest of the senior class, along with Coach Solich, have an early morning as we get up and serve breakfast for the less fortunate at the Salvation Army. I am excited about getting the opportunity to serve those who haven’t been as fortunate as myself and it’s a humbling experience. So tonight I say, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!