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Tee To Green Q&A With Bradley Lucas

May 2, 2013

ATHENS, Ohio -  Throughout the 2013 men's golf spring season, OhioBobcats.com will sit down with members of the men's golf team to discuss their experiences on the links and some of the professional golfers they've looked up to over their the course of their careers.

The latest edition features Bradley Lucas (Worthington, Ohio), who is one of three seniors to compete for the Bobcats this season. Lucas gave us a preview of this weekend's MAC Championships and let us know who would play in his dream foursome. 

Why did you choose Ohio University?
"I knew a senior here when I was in high school and he got me in touch with Coach Cooley and told me he had a great experience. I came down for a visit and quickly fell in love with the school. I decided this would be a great fit and it turned out to be one."

What do you like most about being a student-athlete at Ohio?
"Being a student-athlete gives you a different experience. You come in right away and get to meet kids you'll be spending a significant amount of time with. So going to school but also having that extra responsibility is unique."

What is your proudest moment in an Ohio uniform?
"The MAC Championship two years ago. I was struggling with my game coming into it and I ended up having a great week. We had great senior leadership that year and seeing them graduate, it was a nice way to send them off."

What are your goals once your time at Ohio is complete?
"I'm hoping to work in the field of finance. I have an internship this summer and am hoping to get a full time job when I finish. I'd like to continue to play golf and tournaments when I can to be able to use the game as a tool in the future."

Which professional golfer would you compare your game to?
"I think everyone would like to compare their game to Tiger Woods. We have a similar game in that I'm a power player. My strength is definitely in my ball striking. Also, like Bubba Watson, I like shaping my shots. I love moving the ball in different directions, hitting draws and fades. I think it opens up a lot of doors on the golf course if you can work the ball both ways."

What's the craziest shot you've ever hit?
"In the MAC Championship two years ago, the last hole was a very difficult hole over water to a tucked pin. The wind was howling straight into my face and I was about 220 yards away. I hit one of the best shots I've hit in my college career. I hit it to about six feet and birdied the hole."

What's your favorite course that you've played?
"Atlanta Athletic Club is my favorite. It's a phenomenal course where they had the PGA Championship two years ago. It's always in perfectly manicured condition and it's beautiful."

What course would you most like to play?
"It's a tossup between Augusta National and Pine Valley. Both are incredible prestigious golf courses and are hard to get on. But given the opportunity, it would be a great experience."

If you could play in a foursome with any three golfers, who would you pick?
"I would say Tiger Woods, Adam Scott and my dad. That would be a pretty ideal foursome. Tiger Woods and Adam Scott are my two favorite golfers. I idolize both of them and they both have incredible golf swings. My dad has been the reason why I play golf and he's given me all the opportunities. It would be a fantastic foursome."

Give us a preview of this weekend's MAC Championship.
"The whole year I've been saying this, but we have a lot of talent on the team. We haven't been able to play up to where we should be. But we have five guys going that are a great lineup. We had a great showing last year finishing third, and I think we have an opportunity to do even better this year. We're all playing pretty well right now, so if we can all play our own game and hit one shot at a time, I'm excited about how things will turn out."