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Jan. 9, 2008

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Head Coach Sylvia Crawley
Opening Statement
"I was very disappointed in how we played in our conference opening game. I think Kent State did exactly what our game plan was. I wanted to attack, be aggressive, and I felt they attacked us and went to the basket aggressively. On the other hand, I don't think we are tough enough. We had shots, but didn't make them. We attacked the basket, but didn't draw fouls like they did. They were 20-for-26 from the free throw line, while we were only 12-for-15. We have to figure out a way to get ourselves to the free throw line. It was also very disappointing to watch our post defense. I think they exposed how bad our post defense is. We just have to get tougher."

On struggling against the 2-3 zone defense
"We knew they were going to play 90% zone. Our goal was to use our defense to trigger our offense so that we could get fastbreak opportunities before they had a chance to set up in their 2-3 zone. However we could not get stops. They got the ball inside and made the baskets. That gave them plenty of time to run back and set up in the 2-3 zone. We played right into their hands. We talked about it and watched it on film, so we knew exactly what they were going to do."

On settling for three point shots
"In the end I think it just came down to being tough. They were giving us the shots all game long. They knew we are a team that likes to shot the three point shot. We had been saying all week, "attack the inside" and when we did that we were successful. We broke the defense down and got layups, but I think our team thinks three point shot first. We have to feel confident in our guards to pass the ball inside."

On possibly overlooking Kent State
"I think we addressed that before the game started. We said Kent State's record was 0-0. It doesn't matter what happened in non-conference play with any team in the MAC. When conference play starts, everyone steps it up a notch. One of our keys in victory tonight was also elevating our level of play. I felt Kent State did that tonight. They stepped it up a notch and we did not match their intensity."

Senior Simone Redd
On reaching 1,000 career points
"It means a lot. It's a milestone, but we wanted to get a win. We wanted to start the MAC conference out with a win and we didn't, so it's a little upsetting."

Senior Lauren Kohn
On how the game got away from Ohio
"During the second half we were settling for too many outside shots, not being aggressive and taking it to the basket. We wanted to get to the free throw line and only got there 15 times. We just weren't aggressive enough.

On underestimating Kent State
"A big emphasis the whole week was not looking past them. Once conference play starts, non-conference games don't mean anything. I think that we were focused coming into the game, but we lost our focus during the game."