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Post Game Quotes - Ohio vs. Western Michigan

Jan. 20, 2007

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Junior Lauren Kohn

On the team's performance:

"Our defense was barely there tonight, and to win any game in the MAC you've got to come ready to play every night. "We've got to move on from here. We didn't play our best tonight, we know that. We have a lot of things that we need to improve on."

Sophomore Rachel Frederick

On Carrie Moore's performance:

"She was they key to their team. We knew that going in to today's game. Our goal was to shut her down, and we weren't very successful in doing that. She's a great player, very versatile. Give a lot of credit to her, but we didn't play how we planned to execute against her."

On the team's performance:

"Defense produces your offense. Today, our defense wasn't really there. We didn't shoot well either today."

Coach Sylvia Crawley

Opening statement:

"This type of performance was exactly what I saw from our team yesterday at practice. We haven't had good practices over the last couple of days and I'm a firm believer that you practice like you play in games. We've got to get back to working hard in practice, back to being aggressive in practice. I thought their game plan was to shut down Lauren Kohn. Our game plan was to shut down Carrie Moore, and that didn't happen. She had 18 points in the first half. Somewhere along the line we fell way short of our goal. Our goal was to keep her to 12 points. We have to take more pride in our defense. Offensively we struggled, because we weren't shooting well, and our defense normally triggers our offense. But because we weren't getting our shot, we weren't able to have a lot of fast break opportunities. We weren't able to capitalize off of their turnovers, things that normally would give us some quick easy buckets. The fact that we didn't shoot well didn't help at all, it became mental. We got called for some moving screens that deflated us, and made us not to want to be really aggressive and want to attack."