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Post-Game Quotes: Ohio vs. Miami

Feb. 18, 2007

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Junior Lauren Kohn

On the team's high field goal percentage:

"It's always a lot easier when you're shooting the ball well. I think that came from our defense. Coaches always preach that defense turns into offense. We got a lot of really good looks at the basket which always makes it easier for them to fall."

Sophomore Rachel Frederick

On staying focused in the 2nd half:

"At half time our coaches stressed to us that it was like zero-zero. That they (Miami) were going to come out and fight, like any team in the MAC. We definitely had to stay focused, and buckle down. They started making some plays, but we stayed composed, and we ended up getting the job done."

Sophomore Chandra Myers

On her performance:

"My confidence is definitely going, but I'm more of a humble player. My goal actually is to be a rebounder. My role on the team is to be a rebounder. I've been a little disappointed in myself the last couple of nights, because I haven't had too many rebounds, but going in and being able to score my career high has just been great. It's given me more confidence in my post moves which I've really been working on and been trying to improve upon."

On the teams turn around from last year:

"I think the new coaching change has helped, and just how they've worked with us. They brought in the confidence from day one with us. They are great motivators. They put in our heads at the beginning of the season that we can come out and become a championship team if we just work hard."

Coach Sylvia Crawley

On her team's improvement from the previous game against Miami:

"I think our biggest improvement has been our intensity and defense. We were a different team when we played them before. We were still playing it was non-conference games instead of conference season, and everyone else had stepped it up a notch. It took us a couple of games to figure that out. We are a much better team right now as far as rebounding and defense. I thought that's what won the game tonight."

On her team's first half scoring:

"I don't know, because we had a horrible shoot around today. I just didn't have a good feeling about the game. We walked through all of Miami's plays, and we couldn't stop them, not one in our practice. I was nervous, normally I can feel if the players are ready or not, but this morning I just couldn't get a grasp on whether we were ready or not. They totally surprised me. They came out, and were ready to play."

On the team's performance:

"What helped us is that the starting five were really aggressive. They controlled the pace of the game. They made sure we played Ohio basketball. Because we got out to a good start, and a good lead, we were able to put some subs in and get everybody rested. Once they got their second wind, they could keep going back. I thought we just wore Miami out. I think one of the things that's helping us now is that Simone Redd is healthy enough to start again. However, I want to continue to start Jennifer Bushby. She has matured quickly when Simone was out. She's done good things for us. So I'm not going to go away from that. I kind of like bringing Simone off the bench, because of what she brings us. She has a scorer's mentality. I like that coming off the bench. I like Chandra Meyers coming off the bench, giving us big minutes and big plays. We were able to get 26 points off the bench versus their 14. I think that made a huge difference."