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Post-Game Quotes

March 1, 2007

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Senior Domenica Silva

On the transition from the Bowling Green win to tonight:

"We just wanted to take that adrenaline and competitiveness from the previous game and carry it over to this game and just play Ohio basketball."

On playing her last game at the Convocation Center:

"It was an ugly game, it was awful. I wish I had played better than I played today, but we won. I'm very happy for my teammates and for the team. We're ready to go to Cleveland after the win against Akron. As long as we win, I'll be happy. And, I am very happy to be a part of this team."

Sophomore Rachel Frederick

On being criticized for "playing to the level of the competition":

"It might have been a good win for us. It goes down to overtime, crunch time, we put up a win right before the MAC tournament. It shows some character on our part. It's definitely something that we've had a problem with the past couple of games. Beating BG, we know that we can beat the best team in the MAC, and we know that we can lose to one of the worst teams in the MAC."

Junior Simone Redd

On her role off the bench:

"I just wanted to come in off the bench and contribute. I know things weren't going the way they should've, so I just wanted to come in and do whatever I could,. I enjoy being able to come in and help out wherever Coach needs me to."

On being mentally prepared for the MAC tournament:

"It's crunch time now. It's do or die. We just need to get it in our minds that we need to come out and play like we did against BG for the remainder of this season. We can't afford to sit back and wait or not take advantage of plays to the best of our ability. I think that we need to get it into our minds that come Sunday, or whenever we play, that we need to give it all we got."

Coach Silvia Crawley

On her team's performance tonight:

"Every win is a good win at this point in time in the season. Akron didn't have 4 of its key players. Our players heard about it through friends who are players on Akron's team. I said to our players, "You have to be ready tonight." Because we beat Bowling Green, that gave every team that is an under dog hope. I knew Akron was going to come here ready to play. They played some people off their bench who were laying out for the opportunity and trying to prove to their coach that they deserved to play all season long. I tried to remind them of a situation when Simone was out. We still won games without Simone. People off our bench, such as Jennifer Bushby and Lauren Hmiel got opportunities to start, and to play more minutes. We didn't miss a beat. I tried to get my team to understand that this was an Akron team who wasn't going to lay around for them. They had nothing to lose. It's the last game of the season for us and for them."

On the defensive play of Sophomore Lauren Hmiel:

"I assigned Lauren Hmiel to #23. I told her to face guard. I told her not to let her smell the ball. She did a great job for a long period of time, not letting her score. I started Jennifer Bushby out on her, and Jennifer Bushby let her score, and that's when I went to Lauren Hmiel. That's her thing. That's what she brings to the team is her defense. That's her role. She got in and played her role to perfection. I told her as long as she was getting stops she was going to buy herself more minutes."

On Junior Quintana Ward's ability to step up her performance in the 2nd half:

"Quintana always tries to put her stamp on the game late. I think she's been taught all her life to get your teammates involved in the first half, and the second half is when you get your points. She seems to be a lot more aggressive in the second half of every game then she is in the first half. I'm trying to get her to change that a little bit just because I want her to be a scoring threat all game."

On Senior Domenica Silva's final game at the Convo:

"I thought she shot well tonight. She was 3 of 6. She got in some foul trouble tonight so she wasn't able to just kind of play a little bit. She's a player where she's in a good spot right now, in a good space. Most of her fouls came from trying to help other people on penetration. I'm very proud of her. This is a player who, times really got hard on her. There were times when she just wanted to quit. She sucked it up for her teammates."

On the upcoming MAC tournament:

"I don't think people are going to look at us as a Cinderella team anymore. We have the 3rd seed. I like the bracket that we are in. I like the games that we are going to play. They're games that we can win. It just comes to whether our players are going to be ready to play. When they are ready to play they can beat anybody in this conference. It's just a matter of when they come on the floor, if they're ready."