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Nov. 13, 2007

Recap |  Box Score |  WBB vs. South Alabama 

Head Coach Sylvia Crawley
Opening Statement
"I was obviously disappointed with the outcome of the game tonight. We couldn't contain their point guards. Middle penetration is what we work on every practice because it is too dangerous. If you are getting beat to the middle you have post players rotating and fouling on lay-ups, so that puts them on the line. Out team just has to get tougher. There were a few times when we should have attacked the basket to draw a foul, but instead we settled for a jump shot. South Alabama is a very tough team and this was good experience for us. I threw some of the younger players out there. They did very good defensively and they are still trying to learn offensively, but defensively they give us a little bit more of an edge."

On the offensive struggles:
"Our players are not shooting well right know, so when they are not shooting well they panic. This team hangs their hat on offense, so what I try to get this team to buy into is that we are working way too hard on offense to get shots. When you don't execute your plays right (wait on screens, set good screens) to get open shoots, then you have to create easy buckets off of defense. This was a good team so it was not easy to do that, but we need to get it done on the defensive end."

On the team's turnovers:
"We had a lot of travel calls. We had a lot of bad passes in the beginning. Towards the end we just made bad decisions. South Alabama is a very athletic team. They have long arms and are quick so they force some of those turnovers. However some of those turnovers were on us, mostly unforced turnovers and not making the good angle on the pass. We have a lot of work to do, but the good thing is that we have a long break before our next game against Presbyterian College. They will have a chance to break down some things and iron out some kinks. We need to get ourselves regrouped so that we can pull our first victory out."

On the kind of rotation to see this season:
"We have a lot of depth, so I will try to rotate a lot of players in. If you are on the floor I expect you to play hard. I want this team to peak at the right time. Normally we fizzle out near the MAC Tournament. We have some players who played a lot of minutes. That will not happen this year. We are going to rotate a lot of players in so that our seniors and returning players aren't playing so many minutes towards the end of the season."

On freshman Kamille Buckner:
"That was one of the positives that I walked away with. I thought Kamille played very solid. She played like a veteran, not like a freshman. She is a defender, that is her role on our team. She can defend at all positions. Tonight we saw a side of her we have never seen. She is normally not a scorer. She thinks pass first, score second. Tonight she attacked the basket very well. Tonight it was very good for me to see that she can score as well. She is a complete package."

Lauren Kohn
On the offense being out of sync early on in the season:
"It's not something I am particularly worried about this early in the season. We still have a lot of new players in the system still trying to learn it and regardless of the outcome I can say there were some definite improvements from the Butler game."

"There were more people to step up. During the Butler game it was more the guards stepping up and tonight the post stepped up more. I think we just need find that even balance that will make us unstoppable."

On bringing the ball up the court:
"I think we were timid to run our offense. They are a very athletic team; they can jump, they're quick, they're shot blockers. I think that we just weren't aggressive, we played kind of scared."

On the new style of play with all the new faces on the team:
"I think what is reassuring for us is that the effort is always there. Especially the new kids. They are always giving a hundred and ten percent. They are always trying their hardest and it is just learning the fundamentals of our offense and the fundamentals of our defense. And it may not show in the end result, but we can see that there is progression out there. People are running the plays correctly, getting to the right spot on defense and it is going to take time. The season is a marathon, not a sprint. We are really just concentrating on the end result."

On the tough competition in the preseason:
"We are the preseason pick to win our side of the conference. We have a bit of a target on our back and teams are going to come out after us every single night. We have some good teams on our schedule coming up and I think that when you play the harder teams in non-conference play, it gets you ready for your conference schedule, which is the most important. So, it is good for us to be playing tough teams early on."

Chandra Myers
On adjusting to her new role as a starter:
"I'm still trying to get comfortable with the new position. It's definitely a new role but I am trying to take it upon myself to kind of go in and do what coach says. Like, she wants me to be a rebounder and that's something that I'm not naturally good at, but tonight I was trying to concentrate on getting some rebounds. Tonight I came in and got two offensive fouls trying to do that. But that is what I want to do, I want to come in and do that task. I am still trying to get used to it but hopefully in the end it will come around."