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Ohio Post-Game Quotes

Dec. 9, 2006

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Ohio Women's Basketball vs. Pittsburgh December 9, 2006 Game quotes

Ohio Junior Simone Redd

On the team

We're playing hard, we really are. We just have to book it down on the defensive end, we need to get stops. When we play defense then our offense will be able to win the game.

On playing Missouri and Pitt:

Coming off these two games we're right there; we know we're a good team but we just have to put all the pieces together. We can play with anybody, especially these last two games. We just need to dominate and play hard.

On missing shots:

It happens but we can't let that affect our defense. We're going to miss shots, we're going to miss easy lay ups but we can't let that affect our defense. We still have to bump it out and play defense.

On staying with Pittsburgh:

It feels good; we've worked hard, we've come a long way. We're putting all the pieces together; the team is gelling really well. It's showing, our hard work is paying off.

On Walker of Pittsburgh:

She was a handful but we should still have played her better than what we did. She just dominated down the side and we can't have that. We just need to play better post defense.

Ohio Junior Lauren Kohn:

On playing in the Big East:

I think definitely today and the last game against Missouri we proved we can hang with anybody on our schedule. We are capable to win every single game and we just need to come out prepared, ready to work hard, ready to play, and we need to put together a full forty minute game. We can't have those down stretches where we go cold for five, six minutes.

On the Pittsburgh offense:

Number 45, she's a great player; she's definitely a beast down there in the paint and we just have to stop her bread and butter and we need to stop that. We need to take side in our defense and take side in stopping her and knowing what it's going to take to win the game.

On Ohio's progress:

I think we've come very far. We're really working hard together, team chemistry is 100 percent improvement from last year and we're not perfect but we're getting there. We just have to keep working and watching film and learning from our mistakes. We're going to reach our peak.

On the encouragement from the last two games:

If you take the Missouri game and into this game, in Missouri we probably played thirty minutes of great basketball, today we probably played thirty-five minutes of great basketball, but it's going to take the whole forty to win. I think this is encouraging to us that we know if we hang in there with Pitt, who's ranked in the top 25, we can hang in there with anybody. We can win any game, we just need to take that positive from this game and move forward.

On the game and season:

We're going to continue to work hard and get better and get some more Ws.

Ohio Head Coach Sylvia Crawley

On playing the power conferences:

We've learned a great deal from these two games. We knew from the start that the schedule would be very challenging but help mature this young team quickly and so I think this is great for us. It's going to prepare us for conference play; their number 45, that's as tough as it gets inside so we're going to work on our post defense because they're going to see that again against Auburn, we're going to see it against Marshall and Robert Morris. We have to practice post defense for thirty minutes and in practice tomorrow we will, we're going to find a solution, we're going to find our defensive stopper.

On playing hard:

These games are good for our players because in the last two games they have to play hard for forty minutes; the games before we won by 20, 30 points and so they played hard for maybe twenty, thirty minutes and then they would relax for ten minutes. Against a team like Pittsburgh or Missouri we can't take breaks, we can't rest. We have to make our free throws and do the little things. We had opportunities to win this game, same thing with Missouri, and they weren't the same mistakes we made last time so at least we're learning and we're making new mistakes.

On the encouragement of hanging in there:

The players fought hard and they're looking at me like Coach Crawley, we played as hard as we could, this is a good team and we only lost by nine or ten. For me I don't just want to play these teams close, I want to win and maybe that's the championship mentality that's coming out of me but I want that to rub off on these players. I expect victory out of them because I believe in them, I believe they can beat these types of teams. We're going to fix it, we're going to figure it out and this is just going to make us even more competitive against contenders in the MAC.

On Pittsburgh's Mercedes Walker:

She's a very good player for her size, she moves very well inside. She did some spin moves, some up and unders on us, and normally with a player like that she just kind of powers it in and not really a whole lot of moves. We could have played better defense on our end and whether we need to front or mix some things up, we're going to figure it out.

On Alana Trotter and Jennifer Bushby:

We call them our green team on offense; I'm very happy with our green team. Alana came in and had ten rebounds in the minutes that she played and she's a great college basketball body; she uses her body well and she has incredible timing on her jumping. In my opinion she's one of our best post defenders; she's going to get more minutes because that's what we need, defensive rebounding. Bushby comes in and gives us a great spark off the bench; obviously we can't play Quintana for forty minutes so Bushby comes in, scoring wise she gives us a start and defensively she has long arms so she gets deflections, she gets her hands on things and she's smart. I'm very happy with their performance.

On the overall performance:

We're okay; we're going to regroup, we're going to watch the film, learn from our mistakes tonight and get ready for Auburn. We don't really have time to mope and cry.

On the last three minutes:

They attacked as they needed to score desperately. Every loose ball, they grabbed it like it was their ball; on loose balls we didn't hold on to the ball, we didn't grab it like it was ours, like we desperately needed the ball and that was the difference. We were on our heels and they were on their toes and so in the crunch time we have to learn to keep our composure, make the big plays. Our players are aware when the situations are happening and so they try to make a difference on their own, they try to take the team on their back and make something happen and they try too hard and it's not there. We have to learn to relax yet be intense at the same time; get every loose ball and realize that every position is very critical.