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Ohio Post-Game Quotes

Dec. 16, 2006

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Rachel Frederick

On her scoring streak

At half time I knew I hadn't missed a shot yet but I didn't think about it during the second half actually.

On starting out behind

That's something that happened to us last year. But I think with the competition that we played against the past three games that we knew that we went in spurts and could score. We made runs against these big conference teams so it wasn't anything that really rattled us.

Simone Redd

On holding Marshall at the end of the game

You win by playing defense and in the end that's what we had to do. We had to get some key stops and come down and make some key buckets.

On the last three games

Those last three games were confidence boosters. You know we lost to some good teams, but in those loses we learned some things about ourselves. Like I said they boosted our confidence and now we are back on track.

On the Marshall rivalry

You know my sister actually sent me a text message the other day and said, "It's a big game, they are your rival." And I said "Oh yeah, I forgot that." But it's always good to play Marshall. We enjoyed playing them the last couple years that we've played them. But of course it's good to get the victory this time.

Sylvia Crawley

On breaking their losing streak

The last three games have been very challenging for this team. We have learned some tough lessons and watched a lot of film on the mistakes we have made. It is our goal not to get beat that same way again. I think that the post players in the last three games compared to the post players tonight so I think we did a better job on our post defense. We worked on that all week long and came out and executed the game plan tonight.

On Rachel Frederick's game

Rachel had a great game. I think whenever Domenica establishes a presence in the game it forces the other team to kind of suck down on her and then it opens up for the perimeter players - especially Rachel because normally when you double in a post, you double with the other post player, and Rachel is our other post player. So whenever we can get Domenica playing well, playing aggressively inside it is going to open it up for Rachel every time.

On working as a team

Tonight was Rachel's night and they understand when it is someones night to get that person the ball. They play very unselfishly and she had the hot hand so we went with her. You know there are other games when either Simone or Lauren is shooting extremely well and then we get the ball to them.

On Steubenville Day

It was a special day for me. As a player, my hometown really gave me a lot of support. At times it was a lot of pressure for me, but by the same token it pushed me to be the very best that I could be in my field. It's good to know that they still support me in this next phase of my life as a coach. A two and a half hour drive for a 2:00 game is pretty difficult to get that many people in one place. They hopped on a bus at 8:00 this morning and they were loud. They were cheering, and our team felt that energy. It was important that they were here - especially tonight because Marshall isn't too far away and they brought a lot of fans with them. We heard their voices and it definitely made a difference in the outcome of the game.

On the Marshall rivalry

Our players know a lot of the Marshall players. I had to do very little to motivate this team for this game today because they talk to these players on the phone. They've been exchanging words here and there, and they were ready for this game. Marshall is a very intense team. During their warm up they had a lot of intensity, they were talking a lot. Our players were just ready tonight.

On non-conference season goal

We have a goal to go 9-3 before our conference season starts. This team was 9-20 last year, so if this we can start our conference season with nine wins that is pretty good for us. That's our goal.

On Chandra Myers

I'm happy on the overall performance of everyone on the team. We used a lot of our bench. I'm trying to put in Chandra Myers a lot more now - especially when we play teams with bigger post players. I thought she did a great job when she went in. I've got to find a way to get her more minutes.