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Bob Boldon Press Conference Quotes

Ohio Head Coach Bob Boldon

March 28, 2013

Ohio University Athletic Director Jim Schaus
On new coach Bob Boldon's character
To me it was extremely important to us to find someone who knows the culture of building success.  That starts with the student-athlete: how to build relationships with them, to motivate them to be their very best, but at the same time showing great respect for them, and for them to have a great overall experience as a student athlete.

On Bob Boldon's success
Every place that he has been he has either built programs or had significant success. Every place he has been he has made them better and I don't think that's a coincidence, I think it has a lot to do with Bob Boldon.

On Bob Boldon's style of play
I think that you will really enjoy watching how he plays. Very difficult to guard motion offense, spreads the floor, looks to score points by having dribble penetration, driving to the basket really hard, and kicking the ball out to three-point shooters. Lot of offense, lot of excitement, also hard-nosed, plays really strong man-to-man defense. I think people in our county and our city are really going to appreciate the way this team is going to play.

Ohio Women's Basketball Head Coach Bob Boldon
On being hired to coach at Ohio
I'm very excited to be here. I think this is a great opportunity. I think this is a great university and a very proud athletic university. I am very excited to be a part of that and hopefully do my job to continue the traditions of not only moving the women's basketball program forward but help move the entire athletic department in the direction that it is going. (I want to) do my part to carry on that success.

On coaching in the MAC 
This is a really good conference. Getting to play against all the different teams in this conference, and we were fortunate to play a couple MAC teams the last couple years at Youngstown state, you find out that it's a very talented conference. This conference is probably a little more physical than the one that I came from and that requires some adjustments and getting accustomed to get your kids to play that way.

On meeting the team
You can see some genuine excitement about getting back on the floor and getting to work. I think coachability is a big thing, and they seem very eager to learn. I know I am really excited to coach. This is very, very exciting: it's a new program, a new step, and watching the success of the men's team (at Ohio) inspires me to also do well, and I think it's very exciting.