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Ohio Field Hockey Trains with ROTC

The Bobcats work out with ROTC members

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June 20, 2012

ATHENS, Ohio - Recently, Ohio Field Hockey and the university's Amy ROTC chapter engaged in a unique crossover exercise that tested the physical and mental strength of everyone involved.

"Well, we've developed a relationship with the Army ROTC members during this spring season because we each share the same 'practice area'," Head Coach Neil Macmillan said. "We thought we could combine forces and do a little team building exercise for our players."

Coach Macmillan and his staff surprised the girls when they showed up for training one morning at 6:30 a.m.

"Our coaching staff had already begun teaching the ROTC students how to play field hockey and the ROTC staff took our girls and put them through some rigorous combat readiness training for the morning," assistant coach Pam Spuehler said. "The girls had no idea this was going to happen."

After completing a timed mile run, the field hockey team had took part in a ROTC fitness test which included sit-ups, push-ups and an obstacle course. Despite the smiles and laughter during some of the training, the players all agreed it was one of the most difficult workouts they have had to endure.

On the other side of the field, coaches Macmillan and Spuehler were joined by recent Bobcat graduate Brooke Edwards in teaching the ROTC students how to play field hockey. After taking them them through some relay races as well as some dribbling and shooting drills, the ROTC members finished off the morning with a scrimmage.

"We had a great time and think it's important for us to show our support for the ROTC since they always support us," Spuehler added.

"It was such a unique and rewarding experience for me, my staff, the team and hopefully the ROTC members," Macmillan said. "You just think about the camaraderie, the cooperation, the involvement of both units working as one. These are important values and lessons that extend beyond the boundaries of the field and carry over to the real world."