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A Final Tribute

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A Final Tribute


Ohio Lacrosse bids farewell to (left to right) assistant coach Ali Offenburger, head coach Anne Moelk, and seniors Ashley Bauer, Katie Borokhovich, Stephanie Davis, April Luedecke, Megan Sanders and Dianne Villarreal.

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    After posting an overall record of 9-6 and a 1-5 mark in the initial season of the American Lacrosse Conference, the Ohio lacrosse team is in the process of going through some major changes to the program. Alyssa Trocher, in her final journal installment for ohiobobcats.com, recaps the Bobcats’ final game against #14 Ohio State and pays tribute to those moving on.

    Here is what the junior from Ellicott City, Md., had to say:

    Going into last Saturday’s game against Ohio State, we knew that we would have a winning record regardless of the outcome but that wasn’t what we cared about. Ohio State is an excellent team who we have never beat before and that is what we were heading into this game with. We wanted to win!! We met in the locker room for the last time this season, had our talk and headed over to the field. We warmed up and then began the game. In the beginning, Ohio State came out strong and gained a large lead. At halftime we were down by a few. The second half was a much better game for us. We were catching the ball, shooting well, moving our feet and getting the draws. The score got closer but Ohio State pulled ahead for the victory. In previous years, we have lost to them by double digits. This year, however, we only lost by six. Our goal is to improve each year and we have done so. Hopefully next year we will be able to come away with that win.

    The season overall has been our best yet at 9-6. It is the first winning season since Ohio restarted the varsity lacrosse program in 1999. The first year that I was here (3-10 record in 2000) was rough due to the fact that we were just starting out and weren’t winning very many games. Last year we improved to a .500 record and finally this year we pulled out with a winning season. I am extremely proud to say that I am a part of the Ohio Lacrosse team and look forward to next year when we can pull it all together and hopefully get to the tournament.

    This year we are losing eight people who have been a HUGE part to the program. Starting off with the seniors – Megan Sanders, Stephanie Davis, Katie Borokhovich, Ashley Bauer, Dianne Villarreal and April Luedecke – they were the ones who started the program four years ago and had to go through all the tough beginning stages. I don’t think that anyone knows how far they really have come. We are going to miss them so much and hope to see them back in the stands next year cheering us on. The six of them have each had a big part in our success this year and they will be greatly missed. I have learned so much from them and will take it with me into next year. These girls will always be able to look back and know that they were a major part of why this program has come so far. We’ll miss you!

    We have also been informed recently that our head coach Anne Moelk and assistant coach Ali Offenburger will not be coming back next year. Personally, hearing this news was very sudden and unexpected. I completely understand the reasoning behind them doing so but it will be extremely tough, if not impossible, to find coaches like these. Never in my three years at this school has Anne ever steered me wrong in a decision whether personal or athletic. She has done so much for Ohio Lacrosse. There is no way that we would have been this successful thus far without a coach like herself. She is so kind and caring and always does what is best for the team (even if it is something as simple as standing facing the sun so we don’t have to look into it when she talks to us:-). I could not have asked for a better college coach and she will be missed so greatly. The only thing that I regret about this season is not playing as well as I know that I can. I wish that I had shown my potential for her last year with us. But I know that she is proud of us no matter what and she will always have a place on our team whether she is here in person or not.

    I worked more closely with Ali over the past two years because she is more the offensive coach and that is my position. Ali has taught me more about the game of lacrosse and offense than I could have ever expected to gain when I came to Ohio. She is so quick to compliment and is always trying to better our attack. I have a close connection with her and feel that she is one of the greatest role models that I will ever come cross. Thank you Anne and Ali for all that you have done for our team and you will be missed more than you know!! We love you!!!

    Each year we have improved and next season can only hold bigger and better things for the Ohio Lacrosse Team.