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Allison Valentino is in her first season as the Bobcats' head coach.
Allison Valentino is in her first season as the Bobcats' head coach.

Dec. 1, 2005

Coach Valentino,

It is exciting to once again have a group of coaches who bring knowledge and maturity to Bobcats women's lacrosse. How do you see this year's team performing both in a tough conference and outside the conference?

You inherit a team with a senior class who, as agroup, do not have much playing experience. Who do you anticipate stepping up in a leadership role and also leading in playing performance?

Good luck to you, your coaches, and the Bobcat women's lacrosse team. I look forward again to some competive lacrosse.

A lacrosse fan

Hi Bob,

Thank you for your question. I can tell that you have looked at our roster and noticed the youth of this year's team. I am excited about this year's team because they work very hard and are eager to learn every day. From day one, I have emphasized to this group that we need to give 100 percent everyday at practice so we can get better everyday. We will do the same this spring.

We have a very tough schedule, both in and out of conference, and I think this is a good thing. We are going to be challenged, and to be the best, we are going to have to play the best.

Yes, you are right that our four seniors do not have much playing experience as a group. Both Kim Cherneski and Tiffany Smith are recovering from foot injuries. Kim missed the entire fall and Tiffany missed the last couple weeks of the fall. It is difficult to say at this time who will emerge as leaders on the field. I can say that the juniors and seniors have done a good job this fall of helping the freshmen adjust to college life and to develop team chemistry.

If Dana Dobbie recovers 100 percent from her ankle surgery, I am expecting another great season from her. She is a tremendous leader both on and off the field for our squad and is really looked up to by the younger players. A lot of our younger players, including Frannie Sullivan, Shannon Hadaway, Kelley Windle and Julie Roguski gained valuable experience last year as freshmen. Although they are just sophomores, they have one year of Division I lacrosse under their belt so they bring playing experience to our team.

Again thanks for your question and your support of Ohio Bobcat lacrosse.