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Ohio Soccer Finds Time to Give Back

Ohio's Cathryn Rogers

April 2, 2012

ATHENS, Ohio – During their competitive athletic seasons it can be difficult for student-athletes to carve out time for themselves. This is something which isn’t necessarily alleviated in the off-season, as training and classwork remain constant despite the lack of NCAA competition. Despite this, players on the Ohio Soccer program have set aside time to volunteer in their community.

Created in 2011, the Bobcat Soccer Club is an organization which Ohio Soccer student-athletes effectively use as a way of giving back to Athens and Southeast Ohio. The mission of the BSC is to promote the sport of soccer in a positive, fun and challenging environment for competitive male and female soccer players. Striving to develop each soccer player and help them reach their full potential, the BSC provides a quality, structured program to enhance players’ knowledge, appreciation and enjoyment of the game.

“All of the players have participated in the training sessions and some even took enough interest in the fall to watch games or to stay after their own practices to work with the kids,” said Stacy Strauss. “It has really benefited them to have that community service to work within the sport. A lot of times it serves to remind them why they really love the game.”

Critical to the success of this club is the commitment of the Ohio Soccer program. Stacy Strauss, head coach of the Bobcats, Amy Rossi (Assistant Coach) and Mike Stoerkel (Graduate Assistant Coach) serve on the club’s board of directors. As referenced in an October 2011 piece by The Post, two prominent members of Ohio’s 2011 roster—Toye Famodu and Remi Famodu—were with the club from the ground up, volunteering their time in the winter and spring clinics which began the process.

Current Ohio Soccer standout Cathryn Rogers (Etobicoke, Ontario) has also assumed a significant role within the club.

“Giving back to kids who want to play soccer is one of the most rewarding aspects of our service with the club,” said Rogers. “Growing up many of us had lots of opportunities to play club sports in our hometowns and it is fun to be a part of providing that opportunity to children in our area.”

Ohio Soccer will begin the spring portion of its schedule on April 14 at Chessa Field. The Bobcats will compete against Capital and Marshall beginning at 1:30 p.m.