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Ohio Soccer Summer Blog: Nicole Amari

Nicole Amari

May 16, 2013

ATHENS, Ohio –This summer, student-athletes on the Ohio University soccer team will be writing a weekly blog series about their lives as Bobcats. The series begins this week and will carry all the way through the first five games of the 2013 regular season.

Rising junior goalkeeper Nicole Amari (Vernon Hills, Ill.) gets the series started with her entry for the week of May 13.

The First Week of Summer by Nicole Amari
This week between spring and summer semesters has been one of the most exciting, craziest, and boring weeks of my life. About three weeks ago my family was making arrangements to come move me into my new apartment in Athens at Ohio University on May 12th. The weeks came closer and closer to moving me in and less and less of my family was able come to help me make the move. My sister was first to drop out of helping because her high school soccer team made it to the regional final. My brother was the next to leave because he didn’t want to miss school; I think he just didn’t want to come ;) Last, my dad couldn’t take off of work. That just left my mom and me to drive from Vernon Hills, Illinois, to Cincinnati to pick up my car from Liz’s (teammate Liz Finley) house to then drive to lovely Athens.

After about 10 hours of traveling I couldn’t be happier to get here and to see my apartment for the first time. The issue was we had an entire minivan and car full of stuff and still needed to go to the storage unit I rented to store items from my dorm I had just moved out of last week, and then move it all into my apartment. It took my mom and I about four hours to get everything brought up to the third floor of my apartment: no need to do summer workouts that day! We started putting items away and organizing everything. I tried putting together a table we picked up at a local store, but I failed tragically. I had to hammer nails in and try to follow less-than clear directions. I figured it all out but the last step that put everything together didn’t have holes were I was supposed to nail! Needless to say I didn’t have a drill and wasn’t buying one, so I gave up and returned it the next day. Saturday we didn’t finish everything but we got a good chunk of the work done. We finally went to bed at 1:30 am.

The next morning my mom and I woke up at 7 am because we just were so uncomfortably sore from moving! It was a different type of sore than running and lifting. Not like a preseason I-can’t-lift-my-legs sore or lifting sore; it was more like I need to be realigned sore. Monday I started school with Microbiology at 8:30 a.m. It is very difficult and I pray that I find some friends to help me in there because, at the moment, I don’t know anyone. Then comes the dull part of my week: my mom left, my roommates aren’t here, and my boyfriend has class and individual, non-team affiliated workouts for football. I go to class, work out, go home and have very little to do without my friends and teammates in town. I do finally have internet and cable, so that is exciting! I just can’t wait until this weekend when Gabby (teammate Gabby Hausfeld) moves in for the summer.

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