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Ohio Soccer Summer Blog: Gabby Hausfeld

Gabby has become a reliable fixture on Ohio's defense, playing 32 matches in her first two years

May 21, 2013

ATHENS, Ohio –This summer, student-athletes on the Ohio University soccer team will be writing a weekly blog series about their lives as Bobcats. The series began last week and will carry all the way through the first five games of the 2013 regular season.

Rising junior defender Gabby Hausfeld (Cincinnati, Ohio) continues the series with her entry for the week of May 20.

The Second Week of Summer by Gabby Hausfeld
This past week has been absolutely crazy. My family and I went on a two-week vacation through Europe visiting London (England), Paris (France), Strasbourg (France), Salzburg (Austria), and Munich (Germany). It has been an unreal trip. We saw so many awesome sights and literally walked on average at least 8-10 miles each day. One day in Paris, we easily did a half marathon. It’s a good thing though since I am a carb-ivore and in Europe you receive bread with every…single…meal. Ahhh, heaven. The last week of vacation we stayed in Strasbourg, had a day trip to Salzburg, and ended with a few days in Munich. Strasbourg was a wonderful change of pace from the big cities of London and Paris. We needed a break. It’s just a little town in France that has both French and German influenced architecture along a bunch of canals. It’s absolutely adorable. One day, my dad, sister, and I went on a run along the canals around sunset and the sight was literally so pretty I didn’t even notice that 2-3 miles passed by.

Salzburg is also a little town, but it is where some of the scenes from The Sound of Music were filmed, so naturally, we heard a lot of “the hillllllllssss are aliiiivveeeeee with the sounddd of muuuuusicccc” from my parents all day long. Always amusing. The town had a lot of small, cute passageways of stores between the main streets and was right along a beautiful river. You could see the snow-capped Alps in the background and there were adorable squares and gardens hidden throughout. It’s also the town where Mozart grew up. We had a good time exploring the area for the day, and then took the two-hour train back to Munich where our hotel was.

In Munich, we took this amazing package tour. The first part was to bike ride about 5-6 miles along the foothills of these gorgeous mountains and then around Swan Lake. I felt like Heidi running, or rather biking, through flowered fields with amazing scenery all around. It was probably my favorite thing of the trip. Then we took (very literally) a 45-minute uphill hike to this castle on a mountain. The trail was along a freshwater river of water flowing from the mountain though and it was simply gorgeous. The view from the top was probably the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. You could see out for miles of three different lakes with just rolling hills and little towns and it was simply awesome. The castle itself was a little less than impressive but it was beautiful from the outside.

We spent another day in Munich exploring the touristy sights and gardens. To get a little extra fitness in, I did a bike workout when we came back to the hotel later that night. The next day we did 11 hours total on a plane and had about a 20-hour traveling day due to the crazy time change. Yesterday I still managed to get my workout in though by moving all my stuff up two flights of stairs into my apartment in Athens. Big shout out to Nicole Amari, Nicolle Varney, Chase Chochran (football), Brandon Atwell (football), and Derrius Vick (football) for helping me! Though it was great that I managed to be active over vacation, I’m definitely ready to: 1) be back in America where everything is in English and 2) be back in Athens to focus on soccer and work!

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