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Ohio Soccer Summer Blog: Heather Buckwald

Buckwald (bottom) helped her high school team win three league championships from 2008-10

June 5, 2013

ATHENS, Ohio –This summer, student-athletes on the Ohio University soccer team will be writing a weekly blog series about their lives as Bobcats. The series began early in May and will carry all the way through the first five games of the 2013 regular season.

Rising sophomore forward Heather Buckwald (Seville, Ohio) continues the series with her entry for the week of June 3.

My 2013 Summer Break by Heather Buckwald
These past four weeks have been a very overwhelming start to my summer. After moving last week out of my house of 15 years, I am finally starting to adjust to my new lifestyle of living in a development. But, I figured I might as well get used to the change because there’s nothing I can do about it! On top of all the stress of moving, I also have physical therapy, work, and two summer classes. Every day seems to be the same: rehab, work, run, lift. Where’s the fun in that? Well, believe it or not, I really enjoy being active now that I am able to. I have been out with an ACL injury for the last 18 months, and now I’m finally getting better! It’s an exciting thing to hear from my doctor that I have a healthy knee again—unfortunately it had to take four surgeries. But that’s not stopping me because I have bigger plans for myself and they won’t happen with a bad attitude.

I’ve been increasing my running every week, and it’s an extremely rewarding thing to see myself improve! I do have to give my little brother, Robby, credit because he inspires me to keep working hard. Robby leaves in a few weeks to start his life as a Rocket for the University of Toledo football team. When I see him lifting and running every day, he reminds me that I need to stay on top of everything in order to succeed at Ohio University.

Along with all of the excitement of exercising, I also just recently got accepted into the nursing program here at Ohio. I actually started crying when I read the acceptance letter because that just showed me that hard work pays off, and I know my hard work with my knee will too. I’m very excited for the upcoming year at Ohio with the soccer team and the start of my nursing education! Good things are in store for us!

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