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Ohio Soccer Summer Blog: Erin Feeney

June 26, 2013

ATHENS, Ohio -This summer, student-athletes on the Ohio University soccer team will be writing a weekly blog series about their lives as Bobcats. The series began early in May and will carry all the way through the first five games of the 2013 regular season. 

Rising junior midfielder Erin Feeney (Milton, Mass.) continues the series with her entry for the week of June 24. 

My 2013 Summer Break by Erin Feeney
I don't even know where to begin! This summer for me has been unreal. First of all, I just got back to playing after being out since the end of January due to a meniscus tear in my knee and I can't even explain to you how good it feels to be back. I've been training individually basically every day and playing three to four games a week! It's great! 

Since I'm from the wicked cool city of Boston, I've been going to Cape Cod every other week or so. My family has a house down there in Falmouth and let me tell ya: the beach there is ah-maaaaaa-zing. Annie Beard could vouch for me because she was here visiting me last summer! You do have to be careful of the great white sharks, though. Seriously. Recently when I was in the water my dad decided to tell me right when I got out that he saw a seal not too far from us. A seal means there could be a great white nearby! I told him "You should have told me to get out!" Luckily I survived that one. 

These past couple weeks I've been playing with my club team (Scorpions) and since they just made a new U23 ECNL league, we've been playing in that. So far we're undefeated! Last week we were supposed to play the Boston Breakers Reserves, so we showed up and to our surprise, half of the players were first-team Boston Breakers. I was thinking "What?! We're going to get smoked!" Well... We won! 5-2. It was definitely a very good game, and challenging. It was 100 degrees at noon in the afternoon on a turf field, something to which I'm sure many of you can relate. Obviously they didn't have some of their key players like Sydney Leroux or Heather O'Reilly because they had their own game for the United States Women's National Team. On a similar topic, I actually went to the USWNT's game here at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro. One of my best friends from my club team plays at UCLA and her sister now plays for the national team. We were able to meet some of the players before the game. It was wicked cool. 

Although being home is keeping me very busy, it is the best feeling to be back. I love being home with my parents, my sister, and my two brothers. Then again my oldest brother Jack, who is 25, is never around so who am I kidding? I never see him! My sister Caitlyn (24) and I get along really well. Or should I say I'm really good friends with her clothes? Just kidding! My brother Mikey (22) is awesome. We're closest in age so obviously we're pretty tight. My dog Shannon, I swear, is possessed. She is out of her mind. She's a border collie (sheep dog) so she tries to herd us all of the time. She also likes to herd my two cats. Although she's crazy I love her anyway. 

Now on to my cats. I could probably go on for days and I'm not kidding. I'm not a crazy cat lady; I swear! I was never a cat lady until these two cats came along. They're both orange. Cheese (my best cat bud) is bright orange and he is the best cat ever (I literally sound crazy). We call him the lion because he is one fierce cat who catches everything! He's also a cuddler! Then there's Mo, who is a special cat. My friend Mo has no teeth, can't meow, and has extra thumbs. Yes, it's true, and yes, he's a real cat. But he has the cutest little face. He is a bit on the overweight side but he just does not stop eating! It's his fault! He literally does not stop following you around when you're home. 

Well, considering one of my longest paragraphs was mainly about my cats is pretty sad. But they're adorable, I swear! So to sum up my summer, it's great to be back to playing, it is great to be home and with my family, my dog Shannon is pretty cool, and my cats are the best things to walk the earth. Lastly, words cannot explain how stoked I am to get back to Ohio, see my whole team/family that I've missed dearly, and get down to business. 

It's time for a championship, ladies! 

Peace out 

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