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Ohio Soccer Summer Blog: Tonya Frasik and Alex Stec

Tonya Frasik appeared in all 19 of Ohio's matches last season

July 12, 2013

ATHENS, Ohio –This summer, student-athletes on the Ohio University soccer team will be writing a weekly blog series about their lives as Bobcats. The series began early in May and will carry all the way through the first five games of the 2013 regular season. 

Rising junior midfielder Tonya Frasik (Lebanon, Ohio) and rising senior forward/defender Alex Stec (Medina, Ohio) continue the series with their entries for the week of July 8. 

My 2013 Summer Break by Tonya Frasik
My summer has been great so far! Right after we left school, I had that weekend to relax, and then my summer classes started Monday. I took a class and the accompanying lab, so I had class four days a week. My days were pretty simple during these two months: I’d wake up at 6 am to run, go to class in Cincinnati from 9 am – 12 pm, lift weights every other day, and then detail cars for my parents to make a little money.

So let’s talk about training: my favorite! I was at the gym about a week ago and a middle-aged man stops me and says, “So I have to ask you, what in the world are you training for?” I giggled and replied, “I’m on Ohio University’s soccer team…we’re going to be pretty good this year!” He was very interested and said he was going to follow us and make sure we’re doing well. It felt really nice getting that recognition for how hard I was working. Little things like that just remind me that everyone is watching, so every time I go out to the field or the gym, I have to push myself like I’m under a spotlight (and I love that pressure!).

My weekends have been super relaxing. My parents own a lake house on Lake Cumberland in Kentucky so we have been going there almost every weekend! We take our two pups, Peaka and Boo, boating with us. They’re my babies and I love them so much!!! They are so precious …we recently bought them little life jackets because they love to just jump in the water whenever they want. (Peaka is on the heavier side so she struggles a little.) Lately I’ve been getting my tan on and really enjoying summer!  

Last but not least there is my boyfriend of almost three years, Max. After not seeing him for four months, I went down to Missouri to watch him graduate from basic training for the Army. He is such an inspiration! Now that he is home, he is kicking my butt with working out. I was looking forward to sleeping in a little since my classes are over, but nope! His morning phone calls are my 6 a.m. alarm every day! (Those drill sergeants have him well trained.)

I hope everyone is enjoying summer as much as I am, but I am so ready to get back on that field and show everyone what Ohio Soccer has transformed into. Keep working hard, ladies, and I’ll see you soon! #twopercent


My 2013 Summer Break by Alex Stec
My summer leading up to my senior year has been busy, but that’s how my life always is—just the way I like it.

My first priority is getting myself back in shape after a couple foot surgeries that have kept me sidelined and hungry to get back on the pitch. Recently, I’ve started sprinting more and have been increasing my total distance of runs. The pain is tolerable and I see the doctor on Wednesday so my fingers are crossed for good news to get back in my cleats. It’s been way too long and this fall is going to be different. I know this team truly cares about our program and we’re all working hard at home to return to Athens ready to get things going.

Fortunately for me, Nicolle Varney and I are members at the same gym so we coordinate our schedules to work out together! We push each other in the weight room and I’m so glad I’ve recently been able to join her in running workouts. She’s already pushing me to run as hard as I can and I love having her there for support. Working out with a teammate is very beneficial and I know she and I are both excited for the start of the season.

Outside of training, I work at a jewelry store as a sales associate and I also nanny. Although they’re two completely different jobs, I enjoy them both. They pay the bills and keep my schedule regimented! Bronzing on the beach isn’t exactly my idea of summer, but I still find time for friends and family!

Thanks to a co-worker covering my shift, I got to go to Berlin Lake last weekend with my boyfriend and his family. I learned how to knee board and water ski! Both were tough at first but a blast once I got the hang of them. I also got to jet ski, tube, swim, and just ride on the boat and enjoy life. They had their own fireworks show, which was surprisingly good and we got a front row seat! Having a day of fun on the lake was truly a blessing and even made me sore in bizarre places! I couldn’t do pull-ups on Monday due to forearm soreness from all the water sports—not a spot we soccer girls are used to having sore.

Finally, I was a recreational leader at our church’s Vacation Bible School. Playing silly games with the kids was fun, but my favorite part was that the setting was Athens! Although it was Athens, Greece, I pretended it was our beloved Ohio town.

I also just finished a coaching class online for my specialization in sport management, so I should be able to help out Whit and Aaron this season. ;) My final was 56 pages, making it the longest paper I’ve ever submitted!

As you can see, my summer is quite eventful, but I’m excited for it just to be soccer, soccer, soccer. This team is special and you’re going to see that this fall. Fingers crossed for the doc on Wednesday and go Bobcats! 

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