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Ohio Soccer Summer Blogs: Murnane and Liston

In good hands: Liston is Ohio's career saves leader with 296

July 26, 2013

ATHENS, Ohio – This summer, student-athletes on the Ohio University soccer team have been writing a weekly blog series about their lives as Bobcats. The series began early in May and will conclude just prior to the outset of fall 2013 training camp.  

Rising senior midfielder/forward Maggie Murnane (Libertyville, Ill.) and rising senior goalkeeper Mattie Liston (Lakewood, Ohio) continue the series with their entries for the week beginning July 22. 

My 2013 Summer Break by Maggie Murnane
Hi guys! 

My summer has been very hectic, so it has been going really fast. This is good because I cannot wait for preseason to start! 

First of all, I love being with my family. I have missed being with the whole gang including my three older brothers, mom, dad and Manny (our dog) all in one place together. I especially enjoyed our family reunion that we had last weekend in Galena, Illinois. We had a bags tournament (or some call it cornhole), great food, and lots of cousins. 

I have been working as a camp counselor for kids aged from kindergarteners to as old as seventh graders during part of my summer. For being the youngest child in my family, it was an experience to figure out what I can say to little kids and what I cannot say to them! (I won’t include examples of times when I definitely said things I shouldn’t have.) One day I got slapped really hard out of nowhere by one of my third graders! It really took me by surprise, because I wasn’t even talking to her at the time! She even started laughing at me. She was the first (and only) camper I yelled at. Of course, when I say “yell,” it was more like me stuttering in awe and saying “hey…uhh…don’t do that, that’s not very nice.” I need to work on being mean. However, it has been such a great job and I do love playing soccer and other games with the kids. 

After camp, or really early before camp, I would do some running and lifting. I’m a nut at that kind of stuff. It makes my day when I can finally get to the field and try to think of some type of workout to get better each day. This being my last summer training for soccer has really fueled me to be the best I can be. I tell myself “no regrets,” and then I am off and running. I am definitely going to live by this expression for this next season since it will be my last competitive year of soccer and I don’t want to have any regrets. 

Being a nerd is something which has also helped me maintain a busy summer. I have been making my application for physical therapy grad school since July 1. I also have been doing the Graduate Requirement Exam (GRE) study prep online course since I am taking it August 6 for the second time. I have memorized 300+ vocabulary words in four weeks. So, being a human dictionary is my new hobby, I guess. (Not really!) Just have to keep on truckin’ or keep having tenacity, as the GRE would say it! 

Also, this past week my boyfriend Dan flew in from New Jersey and we explored Chicago. It was really fun! We went to a famous deep dish pizza restaurant, rode bikes around Millennium Park, and rode the ferris wheel at the pier. I hadn’t seen him in two months so it was nice to be together again and enjoy one another’s company. I even brought him to the soccer fields to play pick up soccer with my friends, which he enjoyed. I love pick up soccer. 

I cannot wait to get back to Athens. I miss everyone. This season is going to be one to remember. No regrets!


My 2013 Summer Break by Mattie Liston
This summer has been a whirlwind of events, to say the least. After the spring season ended, I was surprisingly sad. That marked my last winter and spring playing for the Ohio soccer team. After three long and tiring “off” seasons, it was finally over. That chapter in my career was over and I was beginning to look ahead at the next: my final fall season wearing the Ohio jersey. 

I started off the summer taking two classes: Marketing and Finance. Those are the last two courses I needed finish my business minor. I really enjoy summer classes in Athens because the class sizes are small and the courses are condensed to a shorter period of time. 

Now back to soccer. 

Because we are not allowed to train as a team, it can get very difficult to keep up your motivation without your teammates and regular practices. I have been doing my best by mixing in different interval sprint workouts, some trail runs, practice fitness testing, and technical workouts. Fitness has never been the strongest point of my game which makes it even more vital to my success.  

A few weeks ago, I was chosen to be a counselor for a youth soccer camp. There were so many smiling faces both old and new. It was a blast. All of the kids like to play the “score on Mattie” game, which leads to some pretty intense competition.  After this camp ended, it was only a few short weeks till the Elite camp with the high school girls. It ended just last Sunday and man, was I tired. Those girls really wore me out! 

Another exciting part of camp was getting to coach and help some of the goalkeepers. I love to get the chance to give some insight to younger players with similar goals that I had during high school. On the first and second day of camp, we were affected by some unfortunate thunderstorms but the “goal creatures” (as Coach Whit would say) are tough kids and we held out and managed to get in a few goalkeeper-specific sessions. Being a leader and someone those high school girls look up to really gives me a sense of motivation for my own career.  

The other new exciting news I got just last week was meeting our new graduate assistant, Liz. She is a very capable player and coach. Her personality is vibrant and likable. I can’t wait to work with her and receive all the help she can provide me and the team.  

Only a few short weeks till preseason starts and I am so excited. Hope to see you all at Chessa for some home games! 

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