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Checking in with Ohio Soccer's Ronni Rock

Veronica Rock

Sept. 20, 2012

ATHENS, Ohio - This fall, OhioBobcats.com is taking you closer than ever to the Ohio Women's Soccer season. Throughout the 2012 campaign, senior Veronica Rock is writing a blog about her experiences with the program, both on and off the field.

Rock (North Royalton, Ohio) is a versatile player for the Bobcats with three seasons of experience to her name. The senior was named an Academic All-MAC Honorable Mention during the 2011 season and scored the game-winning goal in Oct. 16's 2-0 win over Mid-American Conference rival Bowling Green. Rock has made the transition to a defensive role for the Bobcats during the 2012 season and serves as one of the program's set-piece specialists.

If anyone ever said winning wasn't fun, they weren't winning enough! After three big wins these past two weekends and five consecutive wins total, I can honestly say that the team is having plenty of fun. To the outsider, our success may be attributed to the hard work and effort we have been putting in during training sessions. But to us, success seems to have followed the introduction of the newly themed Wednesday practices.

Yes that's right, Wednesday, which always follows "Tags out Tuesday" (wearing our shirt tags flipped out), has been designated to be "Wacky Wednesday." On our first Wednesday, we got creative with our training shorts. Fashions ranged from neon spandex to shorts with wild patterns, denim fabrics, hideous color combinations, and yes...I even wore boxers over my shorts. In fact, my pink and purple boxers with printed elephants on them won me first place. The following Wednesday featured "Heinous Hair" as we all channeled the inner hair stylist in us. Natalie (Bechtel) went with the enormous ribbon up-do, while Paige (Howard) got classy with balloons. Yes, she had five balloons tied in her hair. But despite all the wild braids, buns, and pony tails, hands down the winners were Leah (Sandercock) and Cat (Rogers). Their wild, frizzy, blown out, big hair earned them first place and sweaty necks the rest of practice. Most recently though, was silly sock Wednesday and we didn't disappoint. Saran wrapped shin guards, polka dot socks, neon colors, and different colored tape could be seen running all over the field. Whether "Wacky Wednesday" is the reason for our wins or just an excuse for our coaches to have a laugh at us, it's a fun way to mix up the week of practices while keeping a fun and enjoyable atmosphere.

Nevertheless, our fun never trumps our effort. These past two week's practices have been specifically planned to help us finish the chances we have been creating for ourselves in the attacking third. Although we are winning we feel with the amount of scoring opportunities we create, we can be scoring more. As we took on Niagara, Cleveland State and Youngstown state Cat, Maggie (Murnane), and Holly (Harris) took what we worked on in practice and put it into play during the games as they all put points up on the scoreboard for us. Mattie (Liston) and the back line also put on solid, consistent performances and our personnel off the bench made things happen on the field throughout every game. After three victories, two of which were two shutouts, we were happy with the culmination of our pre-conference play.

Up next: THE MAC! This weekend we take on BGSU and Central Michigan and with the momentum we have behind us we are thrilled at the opportunity to make a mark on the MAC this season. We have worked hard, trained hard and we realize now is when it matters most. We hope you all continue to cheer us on and share in the excitement we have to start conference play! Go Green!

The Bobcats will next be in action on Friday, Sept. 21 at Bowling Green. Ohio and the Falcons will kick off at seven p.m.