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Soccer Travel Blog: Miami

Junior Annie Beard enjoyed a homecoming this weekend in Western Ohio.

Oct. 8, 2013

ATHENS, Ohio - Learn about what life is like on the road with the Ohio University women's soccer team by following their regular blog posts during away matches.

This week, the Bobcat travel blog continues courtesy of junior Annie Beard. She recaps last weekend's trip to Miami in this latest edition.

Our trip to Miami and Ball State was an eventful one. It was our first full weekend on the road with away games, and it was the first weekend of away games in the MAC. We left on Thursday and arrived at Miami for a walk-through. After the walk-through we went to Gabby Hausfeld’s house for our team dinner! It was delicious, as always.

Gabby and I live about .3 miles away from each other, so my family came over to enjoy the meal, as well. They even brought over my dogs so I could hang out with them! If you know how obsessed I am with my dogs, then you know how excited this made me. At Gabby’s house, Aaron and Liz got into a heated match of Ping Pong. Considering how competitive they both are, the team decided to step back and let them do their thing. I don’t think anyone wanted to get in the middle of that!!

Friday came, and it was finally game day. Everyone was focused before the game. We started out strong as Lexi [Alexis Milesky] scored a sweet goal in the upper left corner with a shot right outside the 18. Unfortunately they tied it up, and the game ended in a tie after two overtime periods. We fought hard as a team, and I am proud of the way we didn’t give up.

After the game, I got to see friends and family that had come to watch. It was awesome to catch up with everyone and to see the support for Ohio Soccer. It means a lot to us as players when people come to watch us. When we were saying goodbye to friends and family, we noticed a new addition to the back of the bus: two large pictures of Aaron’s face. This was a hit, and Aaron even posed for pictures with his faces.

After the game, we went to my house for a team dinner. It was so nice to be home, even if it was only for an hour. The team was busy admiring pictures of me hanging up on the wall in my awkward pre-teen stage. I should have told my parents to take those down beforehand, considering that Erin Feeney was taking pictures of them and sending them to our friends. My dogs also met some of the team, too!

Although we wanted a win, it was a good trip to Miami. We worked hard as a team and had fun while we were at it.