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Soccer Travel Blog: Ball State

Kinsey Swartztrauber

Oct. 10, 2013

ATHENS, Ohio - Learn about what life is like on the road with the Ohio University women's soccer team by following their regular blog posts during away matches.

This week, the Bobcat travel blog continues courtesy of freshman Kinsey Swartztrauber. She recaps last weekend's trip to Ball State in this latest edition.

We tied Miami but we a had pretty good game. That evening we went to Annie's house and her family made us a wonderful meal. The bus rides were also eventful, with a karaoke session featuring our very own Coach Whitworth and Coach Woerle (because they were late...). We freshmen faced our fears and sing on the microphone to the whole bus. Who knew we had such talent?

Our last task for that night was to ice bath in our hotel, which was a site to say the least, but we sang ourselves through it! On Saturday, we did a little relaxing, eating, and traveling, all to prepare for our game on Sunday versus Ball State.

Now it was game day! We knew what we had to do to win this game, now we just had to do it. We got pumped up as always with some pre-game music...and dancing of course. Mattie and Fryan danced around in their rain gear while Natalie Bechtel danced similar to a worm in mid-air.

After all the dancing it was time to get serious. We had our pre-game talk and we warmed up as usual. With my new position as a defender I was very nervous about the game, but I was going to do everything I could to help my team while I was in. Although everything is new to me, I did my very best to do everything I was taught in practice.

The saying of the game was to play 90 minutes like the eight from Niagara, but unfortunately we did not come out ready to play and we were down 2-0 in the first 10 minutes. We had to fight back, so in the second half things started going our way.

Alli Cislo put a shot in the back of the net and we were getting more and more opportunities as the second half progressed. However, we ran out of time and we were defeated 2-1 by Ball State. All we can do is learn from our mistakes, fix them, and move on to Akron this Friday! Go BOBCATS!