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Soccer Travel Blog: Akron & Buffalo

Freshman Alexis Milesky

Oct. 15, 2013

ATHENS, Ohio - Learn about what life is like on the road with the Ohio University women's soccer team by following their regular blog posts during away matches.

This week, the Bobcat travel blog continues courtesy of freshman Alexis Milesky. She recaps last weekend's trip to Akron and Buffalo in this latest edition.

We left Akron without three points. We failed to play our best soccer of the year. We failed to focus on the details like we wanted to. We tied; however, the game was over, and it was time to focus on Buffalo. We left the hotel in the middle of the day to head to Buffalo. We decided we weren't hungry, so we decided to skip the Chipotle and travel a bit before we stopped for food. We came upon a Firehouse Subs, and this is where we ate. The ordering went smooth, and then it was time for them to make our subs. This is where it went downhill. We waited, and to make the story short, we left after about an hour and a half, and 11 people still didn't have their food. The food was great once it finally was done; however, the timeliness was rather frustrating. Whit [Allison Whitworth] took care of everything and then we were on the road again.

We got to the hotel, checked in, and then we headed to dinner. We ate at Bravo, and the service and food were great as always. As we were being served our water, one of the waiters spilled what he called a drop of water on Carly [Manso]; this was rather comical. After dinner, we were allowed to wander the mall. Alli [Cislo], Kinsey [Swartztrauber] and I went to Forever 21, and we were quickly frustrated because we just wanted to buy everything. Athens shopping is rather limited, and this huge mall was like being in heaven for us. We ended up buying four little wishbone necklaces: one for each of us, and one for Erin since she couldn't be there. We were determined that these were going to be good luck for the game against Buffalo.

It was game day! The clock hit zero, and it was time to play. Aaron [Rodgers] decided that he was going to be a cheerleader this game, and as the Buffalo coach headed over to say hi, he managed to do two toe touches with full cheerleader mannerisms. This was great entertainment for the bench and the other coaching staff as you can imagine. We started the first half better than the first half against Akron; however, the score remained 0-0. We made a few adjustments at half as far as how we were getting forward as well as how we were defending and attacking when it came to 50/50 balls. This adjustment and coaching gave us a big advantage in the second half. We started off great immediately and scored on a great combination that started from the back line. The ball started with Kinsey and then it made its way to Holly [Harris], who passed a great ball to Liz [Finley] about five yards out, and she finished it. The rest of the game was a battle. We did a lot of defending, and Mattie [Liston] made a lot of saves. In the end, we fought it out and got the win.

The wishbone necklaces did the job, and we were ready to make the long drive home. We got pizza after the game, and we were on our way. After a little while on the road we stopped at Chipotle. After Chipotle, we went to Coldstone to celebrate the win! We then returned to the bus and finished the trip back home to Athens.