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Wolfe, Geller Earn Ohio Strength's `Ultimate Elite Athlete' Award

Wolfe has started all 46 games for the first-place Bobcats this spring.

April 24, 2014

ATHENS, Ohio – Ohio University student-athletes Alyssa Wolfe (softball) and Chandler Geller (baseball) have earned the Ohio Strength and Conditioning program’s coveted “Ultimate Elite Athlete” award.

One of the most prestigious honors the athletic department gives out, the award has only been issued to nine student-athletes over the 13 years the award has been in existence.

Wolfe is the first ever Ohio softball player to earn the award after her outstanding weight room performance testing this fall in which she back squatted 318 pounds, bench pressed 175 pounds, dead lifted 300 pounds, completed 26 body weight pull-ups, and jumped a vertical leap of 24.5 inches.

Geller is the second Ohio baseball player of all time to earn the Ultimate Elite title, following in the footsteps of Phil Sabatini, who twice earned the award in 2003 and 2004 during his days roaming the outfield at Bob Wren Stadium. Geller had an impressive test week this fall as well as he back squatted 460 pounds, bench pressed 308 pounds, dead lifted 550 pounds, completed 38 body weight pull ups, and jumped a vertical leap of 32 inches.

Ohio Strength & Conditioning Ultimate Elite Athlete Award Recipients
Chad Brinker, Football (2002)
Phil Sabatini, Baseball (2003-04)
Chip Cox, Football (2004)
Matt Muncy, Football (2006)
Corey Logan, Football (2006)
Stephanie Blackburn, Volleyball (2007)
Nikki Gnozzio, Field Hockey (2008)
Lauren Hmiel, Women’s Basketball (2008)
Cathryn Altdoerffer, Field Hockey (2012)
Alyssa Wolfe, Softball (2014)
Chandler Geller, Baseball (2014)