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Ohio University Switchboard: 593-1000
Athletics Department Switchboard: 593-1173
Athletics Department Fax: 593-2420
Athletics Tickets: 593-1300 or 1-800-575-CATS (2287)

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Ohio University
Intercollegiate Athletics
Convocation Center
Athens, OH 45701

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Ohio University
1 Ohio University Drive
5th Floor Peden Stadium Tower
Athens, OH 45701

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Administration Office E-mail
Jim Schaus, Director of Athletics 593-0982 schaus@ohio.edu
Amy Dean, Deputy Athletic Directory/Senior Women's Administrator 593-1171 deana@ohio.edu
Ryan White, Senior Associate AD for Development 593-1197 whiter2@ohio.edu
Michael Stephens, Senior Associate AD for External Operations 597-1375 stephem1@ohio.edu
Amy Trout, Assistant to the Director of Athletics 593-0982 trouta@ohio.edu
Trina Jones, Administrative Assistant 593-1167 hillt@ohio.edu
NCAA Eligibility & Student-Athlete Success
Randee Duffy, Senior Associate Athletic Director
Team Assignment: Men's Basketball, Women's Basketball, Volleyball
593-1172 duffyr1@ohio.edu
Jenny Bagwell, Assistant Director
Team Assignments: Football
593-0536 polakj@ohio.edu
Elizabeth Conard, Coordinator and Life Skills
Team Assignments: Soccer, Softball, Wrestling
593-0817 conarde@ohio.edu
Matt Gilmore, Coordinator
Team Assignments: Baseball, Men's & Women's Cross Country, Men's & Women's Golf, Track & Field
593-9976 gilmorem@ohio.edu
Logan Meinert, Coordinator
Team Assignments: Field Hockey, Football
593-0818 meinert@ohio.edu
Shelly Morton, Learning Specialist 593-0810 wymers@ohio.edu
Rob Smith, Head Coach 593-1180 smithr15@ohio.edu
Craig Moore, Assistant Coach 593-1954 moorec3@ohio.edu
CJ Wamsley, Assistant Coach/Recruiting Coordinator 593-1207 wamsleyc@ohio.edu
Bryan Faulds, Volunteer Assistant Coach 593-1225 faulds@ohio.edu
Tyler Eaton, Graduate Manager
Tyler Packanik, Graduate Manager
Saul Phillips, Head Coach 593-1956 whiteb1@ohio.edu
Will Ryan, Assistant Coach 593-1201 ryanw2@ohio.edu
Jason Kemp, Assistant Coach 593-1202 kempj@ohio.edu
Jared Swanson, Director of Basketball Operations 593-1200 swansonj@ohio.edu
Tommy Freeman, Graduate Assistant 593-1956 tf111507@ohio.edu
Joe Gricar, Graduate Assistant 593-1956 jg808916@ohio.edu
Brenda White, Administrative Assistant 593-1956 whiteb1@ohio.edu
Bob Boldon, Head Coach 593-1193 boldon@ohio.edu
Tavares Jackson, Assistant Coach 593-1955 jacksot2@ohio.edu
Mary Evans, Assistant Coach 593-1489 evansm4@ohio.edu
Tia Jameson, Director of Basketball Operations 593-0073 jamesont@ohio.edu
Brenda White, Administrative Assistant 593-1956 whiteb1@ohio.edu
Russ Eisenstein, Director of Broadcasting 593-0834 eisenste@ohio.edu
Business Operations
Tim Knavel, Associate Athletic Director 593-2512 knavel@ohio.edu
Erik Hildebrand, Associate AD for Compliance 593-0987 hildebre@ohio.edu
Grace Falkenbach, Director of Compliance 593-9800 falkenba@ohio.edu
Jamilah Ali, Compliance Coordinator ja370216@ohio.edu
Kelley Ford, Compliance Coordinator kf965016@ohio.edu
Cross Country
Please see Track and Field
Ryan White, Senior Associate AD for Development 593-1197 whiter2@ohio.edu
Hunter Hughes, Assistant AD for Development 593-1999 hughesh1@ohio.edu
Janel Bogenschutz, Associate Director, Ohio Bobcat Club 597-9026 bogensch@ohio.edu
Esteban Arriola, Assistant Director, Ohio Bobcat Club 593-1119 arriola@ohio.edu
Kyle Kashuck, Athletics Development Graduate Assistant 597-1828 kk182015@ohio.edu
Immanuel Kerr-Brown, Athletics Development Graduate Assistant 597-1397 ik394415@ohio.edu
Colton Primm, Athletics Development Graduate Assistant 593-2285 cp488614@ohio.edu
Tricia Perry (Development) 593-1176 taggartt@ohio.edu
Matt Morton, Assistant Athletic Director of Equipment-Peden Stadium 593-2736 mortonc@ohio.edu
Ryan McFann, Director of Equipment-Convocation Center 593-1205 mcfannr@ohio.edu
David York, Assistant Equipment Manager 593-2736 yordd@ohio.edu
Samantha Bowlsbey, Graduate Assistant Equipment Manager 593-2736 sb479513@ohio.edu
Facilities and Operations
Jason Farmer, Associate Athletic Director 597-1398 farmer@ohio.edu
John Brant, Grounds Supervisor 593-0655 brant@ohio.edu
Dan Sayer, Assistant Director of Facilities and Operations (Convocation Center, Chessa Field, Ohio Softball Field) 593-0998 sayer@ohio.edu
Faculty Representatives
Ann Gabriel, Faculty Representative 593-2871 gabriele@ohio.edu
Bob Colvin, Faculty Representative 593-2593 colvin@ohio.edu
Field Hockey
Neil Macmillan, Head Coach 593-1196 macmilln@ohio.edu
Rachel McCarthy, Assistant Coach 593-9883 mccarthr@ohio.edu
Haley Kane, Assistant Coach 593-0990
James Biddick, Volunteer Assistant Coach
Frank Solich, Head Coach 593-1183 football@ohio.edu
Tim Albin, Asst. Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator/Running Backs 593-1185 football@ohio.edu
Jimmy Burrow, Asst. Head Coach/Defensive Coordinator/Safeties 593-1449 football@ohio.edu
Scott Isphording, Co-Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks 593-1187 football@ohio.edu
Ron Collins, Linebackers 593-1188 football@ohio.edu
Pete Germano, Defensive Line 593-1184 football@ohio.edu
De'Angelo Smith, Cornerbacks 593-4639 football@ohio.edu
Dwayne Dixon, Wide Receivers 593-1181 football@ohio.edu
Dave Johnson, Offensive Line 593-0210 football@ohio.edu
Brian Haines, Recruiting Coordinator/Tight Ends 593-1203 football@ohio.edu
Chris Rodgers, Director of Football Operations 593-0660 rodgerc1@ohio.edu
Ryan Bainbridge, Director of Player Personnel and HS Relations 593-4470 bainbrir@ohio.edu
Alex Beurket, Graduate Assistant - Offense 593-1182 ab951710@ohio.edu
Brian Metz, Graduate Assistant - Offense 593-1182 bm235613@ohio.edu
Jamael Lett, Graduate Assistant - Defense 593-1182 jl239716@ohio.edu
Zack Johnson, Graduate Assistant - Defense 593-1182 TBA
Conor Spies, Operations Assistant 593-4470 spies@ohio.edu
TBA, Operations Assistant - Recruiting/Video 593-4470 bainbrir@ohio.edu
Elaine Goodfellow, Administrative Assistant 593-1183 goodfell@ohio.edu
Bob Cooley, Director of Golf 593-1177 cooleyr@ohio.edu
Kelly Ovington, Head Women's Golf Coach 593-9708 ovington@ohio.edu
Marketing and Sales
Drake Bolon, Assistant Athletic Director for Marketing and Sales 597-1374 bolond@ohio.edu
Isaac Andrews, Assistant Director of Marketing and Sales
Account Rep: Last Names T-Z
Region: Athens Country
Sport Assignment: Field Hockey, Softball
593-1631 andrewi2@ohio.edu
Nick Eades, Assistant Director of Marketing and Sales
Account Rep: Last Names D-G
Region: Washington, Wood (WV) and Jackson (WV) Counties
Sport Assignment: Soccer
593-9687 eades@ohio.edu
Cooper Gillogly, Assistant Director of Marketing and Sales
Account Rep: R-S
Region: Perry, Morgan and Muskingum Counties
Sport Assignment: Baseball
593-9690 cg720016@ohio.edu
Jess Herfel, Assistant Director of Marketing and Sales
Account Rep: Last Names H-L
Region: Meigs, Gallia, Vinton and Mason (WV) Counties
Sport Assignment: Volleyball
593-9688 herfel@ohio.edu
Paige Kelkenberg, Assistant Director of Marketing and Sales
Account Rep: Last Names A-C
Region: Jackson, Ross and Pike Counties
Sport Assignment: Women's Basketball
593-1632 kelkenbe@ohio.edu
Michael Mardis, Assistant Director of Marketing and Sales
Account Rep: Last Names M-Q
Region: Hocking and Fairfield Counties
Sport Assignment: Student Marketing Initiatives, Wrestling
597-3378 mardis@ohio.edu
Media Relations
Anthony Reynolds, Assistant Athletics Director for Media Relations (Football) 593-1298 reynola1@ohio.edu
Mike Ashcraft, Director of Media Relations (Volleyball, Men's Basketball, Baseball, Men's Golf) 593-1299 ashcraft@ohio.edu
Sara Legarsky, Director of Media Relations (Secondary Football, Soccer, Women's Basketball, Softball, Women's Golf) 597-1837 legarsky@ohio.edu
Cody Linn (Field Hockey, Wrestling) cl219110@ohio.edu
Shelby Walker, Assistant (Cross Country/Track & Field, Swimming & Diving) sw875014@ohio.edu
Ohio Bobcat TV Productions
Jason Chiappino, Assistant Athletic Director for Video Productions 593-0515 chiappin@ohio.edu
Derek Mishiro, Director of Video Services 593-0515 mishiro@ohio.edu
Aaron Rodgers, Head Coach 593-2990 rodgersa@ohio.edu
Debs Brereton, Assistant Coach 597-1759 brereton@ohio.edu
Jess Kodiak, Assistant Coach 593-0720
Jodi Hermanek, Head Coach 593-1175 BobcatSoftball@ohio.edu
Jillian Van Wagnen, Assistant Coach 593-1198 vanwagne@ohio.edu
Jeremy Manley, Assistant Coach 597-3013 manleyj@ohio.edu
Spirit Teams
Tricia Perry, Cheerleading Head Coach 740-593-1176 taggartt@ohio.edu
Chaz Canter, Cheerleading Assistant Coach 740-593-1176 cc140509@ohio.edu
Jenna Mauro, Cheerleading Assistant Coach 740-593-1176 mauro@ohio.edu
Sports Medicine
Dr. Sergio Ulloa, Team Physician
Dr. Fred Soliman, Team Physician
John Bowman, Assistant A.D./Sports Medicine Services (Football, Field Hockey, Cross Country and Track) 593-2866 bowmanj@ohio.edu
Annika Bailey, Staff Athletic Trainer (Soccer, Men's Basketball, Men's & Women's Golf) 593-1206 ludewig@ohio.edu
Kelly Hockenberger, Staff Athletic Trainer (Volleyball, Wrestling and Softball) 593-1186 hockenbk@ohio.edu
Chris Miller, Staff Athletic Trainer (Women's Basketball, Swimming & Diving, Baseball) 593-1195 millerc8@ohio.edu
Ryan Bohn, Staff Athletic Trainer (Assistant Football) 593-0547 bohn@ohio.edu
James Odenthal, Staff Physical Therapist 597-1677 odenthaj@ohio.edu
Natalie Reynolds, Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer (Softball)
Alyssa Price, Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer (Soccer/Swimming)
Chelsea Meyers, Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer (Field Hockey) 593-2872
Austin Martinez, Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainier (Baseball)
Patty Estock, Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer (Wrestling)
Nathan Millikan, Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer (Football) 593-2872
Brandon Purcell, Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer (Football) 593-2872
Sarah Miko, Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer 593-2872
Strength & Conditioning
Sonny Sano, Assistant Athletic Director for Strength & Conditioning 597-1708 sano@ohio.edu
Dak Notestine, Director of Strength & Conditioning 593-2923 notestid@ohio.edu
Zach Perkins, Director of Strength and Conditioning 593-2923 perkinsz@ohio.edu
Tyler Dobratz, Graduate Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach 593-2923 td283016@ohio.edu
Swimming and Diving
Rachel Komisarz-Baugh, Head Coach 593-1612 baugh@ohio.edu
Tom Gimm, Head Diving Coach 593-1614 gimm@ohio.edu
Robert Looney, Assistant Coach 593-1613 looneyr1@ohio.edu
Ticket Operations
Ray Dixson, Assistant Athletic Director for Ticket Operations 593-9451 dixsonr@ohio.edu
Devon Alexander, Director of Ticket Operations 593-1341 alexand1@ohio.edu
Track and Field
Clay Calkins, Head Coach 593-1191 calkins@ohio.edu
Mitch Bentley, Assistant Coach 597-1981 bentlem1@ohio.edu
Nick Pero, Throws Coach 593-1192 pero@ohio.edu
Tim Sykes, Assistant Coach 248-3576 sykest@ohio.edu
Deane Webb, Head Coach 593-1189 deanewebb@ohio.edu
Rodnei Santos, Assistant Coach 593-0211
Maggie Couture, Assistant Coach 597-1550 johnsom7@ohio.edu
Laura Santos, Director of Opersations
Brenda White, Administrative Assistant 593-1956 whiteb1@ohio.edu
Joel Greenlee, Head Coach 593-1179 greenlej@ohio.edu
Colton Sponseller, Assistant Coach 593-1213 sponsell@ohio.edu
Eric Morrill, Assistant Coach 593-1213 morrill@ohio.edu
IMG College
Matt Molde, General Manager 597-1855 Matt.Molde@imgworld.com
Chamberlain Hill, Account Executive 597-1812 chamberlain.hill@img.com
Kelley Johnson, Graduate Assistant - Account Executive 593-1789 johnsk10@ohio.edu