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Ohio Football vs. Virginia | Postgame Quotes

Ohio Football vs. Virginia | Postgame Quotes

Ohio Head Coach Frank Solich

On his team's performance: 
"Slow start, just didn't play well on either side of the ball at the beginning. I thought we progressed as an offensive unit, showed flashes at times defensively of playing good defense but not nearly enough. The early part of the game was ridiculous in terms of explosive plays that we gave up and then kind of got going a little bit towards the end. So right now, you look at our first two ball games, we have not done a very good job getting off to a good start as a team early on. We've given up way too many yards, way too many points to people."

On Virginia's explosive plays: 
"That just tells us we have got issues in some areas on both sides of it, pass defense and running game."

On the environment of the game: 
"You know it wasn't bad when you get to where you're ready to play a ball game and looking forward to it. You know it's great to have people in the stands but you know we appreciate all the people that did come from Ohio or from here that are Bobcat-related fans. That was certainly appreciated by myself and our team, but it had no effect on the game. It is what it is. We're glad to get a game in." 

On Ohio's offense finding some rhythm: 
"Yeah, I think offensively we showed that we have weapons and that when we're playing good football those weapons get used and bring about explosive plays for our club. It's just frustrating to be playing that ball that we're playing right now. We've just got to do a better job. Some players got to do a better job. Our team is playing hard. It's just frustrating if you're team isn't playing hard and losing games because of it, but our guys are playing hard. We just got to play smarter at times. We just got to find a way to stop teams from making explosive plays. We just got to keep putting points on the board offensively. I think that we showed we have a number of weapons offensively, that when we're hitting on all cylinders it can be a really, really good offensive football team."

Ohio Junior Quarterback Nathan Rourke

On slow start:
"The story of our season so far is that we haven't come out and played well, but have played better as the game has gone on. But this time, we weren't able to come back."

On team fighting back:
"I loved how we came back and made it interesting there for a minute. I love that about our team. We just need to come out stronger, and we're all very aware of that. There are a lot of expectations for this team, but there's no higher expectations than the ones that we have for ourselves, and we're not meeting them right now. We've got a really hard stretch of teams. We have UC (Cincinnati) and UMass ,and those are quality ballclubs. We have to come out and play better, and I believe that we will. We have to hit our stride at some point. The bottom line is we have to start better."

Ohio Redshirt Senior Strong Safety Kylan Nelson

On what team needs to do to improve:
"I think that the confidence is there. We just have to come out and execute better. We can't start slow. We just can't do that because we can hang with any team. We are capable of doing great things, but we just can't start off so poorly."