Frank Solich

Head Coach

Phone: 593-1183

Tim Albin

Associate Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator

Phone: 593-1185

Ron Collins

Defensive Coordinator/Safeties

Phone: 593-1188

Dwayne Dixon

Wide Recievers

Phone: 593-1181

Pete Germano

Co-Defensive Coordinator/Defensive Ends

Phone: 593-1188

Brian Haines

Special Teams Coordinator/Recruiting Coordinator/Tight Ends

Phone: 593-1203

Scott Isphording


Phone: 593-1187

De'Angelo Smith


Phone: 593-4639

Nate Faanes


Phone: 593-1182

Chris Rodgers

Assistant Athletic Director For Football Operations

Phone: 593-0660

Ryan Bainbridge

Director of Player Personnel and HS Relations

Phone: 593-4474

Jeremiah Covington

Operations/Recruiting Assistant

Phone: 593-4470

Dustin Van Landuyt

Operations Assistant

Phone: 593-4470

Elaine Goodfellow

Administrative Assistant

Phone: 593-1183

Mike Ashcraft

Assistant Athletics Director for Communications (Administration, Football, Wrestling, Men's Golf)

Phone: 593-1299

John Bowman

Assistant A.D./Sports Medicine Services (Football)

Phone: 593-2866

Dak Notestine

Director of Strength & Conditioning

Phone: 593-2923

Ryan Bohn

Assistant Athletic Trainer (Assistant Football)

Phone: 593-0547

Jake Bendixen

Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer (Football)

Phone: 593-2872

Kenlynn Carter

Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer (Football)

Phone: 593-2872

Dr. Fred Soliman

Team Physician

Dr. Sergio Ulloa

Team Physician

Randee Duffy

Senior Associate AD - NCAA Eligibility & Student-Athlete Success (Football)

Phone: 593-1172

Elizabeth Conard

Associate Director/Director of Life Skills (Football, Soccer, Softball)

Phone: 593-0817

Jason Farmer

Associate Athletic Director - Facilities

Phone: 597-1398

Dan Sayer

Director of Facilities and Operations

Phone: 593-0998

David York

Director of Equipment - Peden Stadium

Phone: 593-2736