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Post-Game Quotes

Oct. 21, 2006

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Ohio Post-Game Quotes

Ohio Head Coach Frank Solich Quotes

On how the team performed:
"We were able to do some things on the offensive side of it and get some points on the board. %he defense played really well throughout the game and allowed only one drive where they were able to get some points on the board. I thought our defense shut them down pretty well. On special teams I don't think anything was flashy, but we were able to position ourselves with great field position in the first half. When you are fighting out of a hole and you have your backs pinned up against the endzone, it's difficult to get a jump on things in the game. They are having a tough year and they're banged up a little bit and we felt if we could get some good field position early than we could build on the lead versus letting them get points on the board and making it a game in the fourth quarter. All three units contributed to the field position of the game. I thought that we were able to establish some drives early on, and if we were three-and-out we wouldn't have had great field position. Our defense was able to control what their offense was doing in the early parts of the game so that kept them pinned, and special teams fielded all the punts so at least we wouldn't get lost yardage on balls bouncing around."

On the halftime lead:
"I've been in football long enough that you always get a little worried when you are out ahead at halftime. If you don't come out and get control again it becomes a different ball game. Our thought process was to take the opening kickoff and get points on the board. Defensively, take control of the game and get some players that haven't played much in the game. I think we got everybody in the game. At least that was our intent to play everybody. I think that in the long run will help us in a lot of ways. You get some guys that practice everyday and don't get to see much action and it keeps them going a little bit and we were able to spell our starters, which is good. This is the second time in the conference that we are playing a team that had a week off prior to us playing them first it was Western Michigan now Kent next week. We would kind of like to have that advantage and have that week off right now to heal some bumps and bruises, but that's not the way it is. The good thing about the game though is that we were able to get some players off the field for a little bit."

On Chido Nwokocha's run in the first quarter:
"It was an option play where he comes in motion and comes around, and we haven't done a lot of that. We have put two backs in the backfield and done it. Really it was just a run down the sideline. Chido has good speed and handled the pitch well and the play was really executed well. That play established good field position for us."

On Kalvin's McRae's production:
"Kalvin's having a great year. We thought he would, and he is capable of it. If he is given some creases, he is going to make plays for you. He's really running hard and getting a lot of yards after contact. It's probably not really noticeable unless you really zero in on him and what he is really accomplishing on some of those runs because he is getting hit and bouncing off and getting yards after contact. He is playing as a bigger back than he really is, but he has great quickness and balance so he is able to pull those kind of runs off. If we can establish a running game then we can build off that with some play-action passes and that allows you to become a complete offense verses just being one dimensional and having to drop back and drop back and they can pin there ears back and you're in trouble then."

On having some momentum going into next week's game:
"I wish we had a little time to heal up, but on the other side of it, if you are playing at a level where you are winning football games and doing some things fairly well, you can have that interrupted. If you are not playing well and you're getting banged up, you welcome the off week. We have more momentum than we have ever had since I've been here. Three games, hey, we'll take it. The kids feel good about it and the coaches feel good about it. We have beaten some good teams and lost to some good teams. We are at a point in the season now coming off of three wins, that's a plus for us and is important for us. It's a team that believes in themselves so we will battle for four quarters and believe that we can win ball games. "

Junior Running Back Kalvin McRae
"We just wanted to get on top of them early. They've been playing a lot of close games this year."

"The offensive line does a great job. Coach Lightner does a great job preparing those guys, the tight ends and receivers too. They do a great job blocking, I feel fortunate to be behind a group of guys like that."

"This was the most important game of the season, and next week the game will hold the same title. We knew that Buffalo was a good team. You can't look at their record. They play hard and they're well coached."

Junior Defensive Lineman Landen Cohen
"They're (Buffalo) big, physical guys. We came out playing tough against the run. We got them in a lot of third-and-long situations so we could actually attack, attack, attack."

"We're just going one game at a time and concentrating every week, technique, technique, technique. If we can be technically sound in any situation, I feel like we can win every game."

Buffalo Post-Game Quotes

Head Coach Tuner Gill
"We just have to learn from our mistakes. We didn't come out to play very well. We got backed up there in the first half. We've got to play a little bit better. We also need to make sure that we play with self control. We got a few more penalties and unnecessary roughness, and we need to get that cleaned up."

"Everyone is disappointed. If you're not disappointed and a little bit ticked off than something's wrong with you, and I don't want any of our players or coaches to get used to losing. When you start getting used to that then, we have problems. We'll come back and we'll fight hard. We'll try to get some things corrected and come back and play with a lot more hard work and desire."

#58 - Jeff Bublavi
"It was up to us, and we didn't come out and compete like we should have. They were exactly what we had expected."

"We have to keep every guy's confidence up and coming off this loss, everyone has put their head down. I need to keep those up and keep us ready for the rest of the season."

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