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Player Quotes

Aug. 12, 2006

Senior kicker/punter Matt Lasher
On what the coaches are looking for:
"They expect the usual - consistency and good, solid kicks. They want us to have good heads on our shoulders and not let anything get to us."

On improving from last season:
"It's a new season, and as a kicker you can't let any missed kicks get to you. We're not trying to worry about last season, but at the same time we're definitely trying to improve on it."

On potentially replacing Matt Miller as the punter:
"Matt was a great punter. I mean he's second overall on the career (average) list behind Dave Zastudil. He had a great career. I'm not trying to follow in his footsteps, I'm just doing my own thing and do my best."

On helping the two freshman kickers:
"We try to teach them as much as we can. They're doing a great job adjusting to everything. Like I told them, they're doing a lot better than I ever did in my first year. They're well ahead of the curve."

Senior linebacker Matt Muncy
On his playmaking ability:
"Being the middle linebacker, I'm expected to make a lot of plays. It seems like I'm always supposed to be right where the ball is going to be. I really like the defense we're in now. It's kind of a pro-style defense. I think it enables the linebackers in general to make a lot of plays."

On the number of tackles he makes:
"I'm going to make as many tackles as I can, but I also want our team to win. If that means getting some other guys in there to keep me fresh and getting me off some special teams, than that will also benefit the team. I'm just going to try and do whatever the coaching staff wants me to do. I just want to go out and play hard and improve on last year."

Junior running back Kalvin McRae
Looking forward to this upcoming season:
"I'm very excited. I'm looking forward to getting out there and try and make some things happen and build off what I did last year."

On the Bobcat offensive line:
"Coach Lightner does a great job with the offensive line. Every game they go out there and block tremendously. That makes my job that much easier."

On playing in the offense for the second year:
"It makes a big difference when you can go in and not have to worry about the mistakes you made while you're learning the offense. Those things should be limited or even eliminated. If we can go out and execute to the highest level that we can, we should be good."

On being counted on as the number one back:
"It feels really great to know the coaching staff has confidence in you. I think they have confidence in all the running backs with Voncarie Owens and Joshua Abrams. With the combination of us three, we should be able to do some good things."

On the season opener:
"I can't wait. Words can't explain it. It's been a long camp. It just started, but it's been long already. When that day comes, everybody's going to be excited."

Senior cornerback T.J. Wright
On trying to replace Dion Byrum:
"We have myself, Mark Parson, Idris Lawrence and Marcquis Parham out there. Parham and I have been here just about as long as Dion. He got here the year before we did so we were all here together. We have some experience, and we definitely bring some knowledge into the season."

On playing with his cousin, safety Tony Ward:
"We played together in high school a lot so there's a definite connection. We're the same style of player with the same mentality"

Senior quarterback Austen Everson
On how the competition for the starting job has improved his game:
"I think all four quarterbacks have really worked well together and as a unit. I think competition everybody better. It makes you want to complete every pass or run every play as well as you can. By doing that in practice and competing against the other guys, it's made all four of us better."

On the non-conference schedule:
"The way to prepare for any game is to get ourselves right. We need to go out and execute no matter who we're playing. If we can get ourselves prepared to play as sharp as we can, then the rest will take care of itself."

On which games he's looking forward to the most:
"I look forward to that first MAC game at Northern Illinois. We played there my freshman year and lost a good game in overtime. I'm looking forward to going back up there. It's a great college atmosphere and a good place to play. I'm also looking forward to Akron at home. Akron won the MAC last year so guys will be ready to square off with them and show we can play with them."

Senior running back Voncarie Owens
On preparing for the on-conference road tests on the schedule:
"We just get ready like the other games. Come out every day and practice hard. Every team we play is going to be a competitor to us. If we come out and practice every day, and everybody does their assignments, then come game day anything can happen."

On the fans:
"We have great fans. Ohio football support is good. If we come out and do our job, then the fans will do their job too."

On expectations for the season:
"Last year we had a lot of injuries. If we can stay healthy, we have a lot of talent on this team. That's what people fail to realize. We have a lot talent and great coaches. If we stay healthy, it can happen."

Senior wide receiver Scott Mayle
On the mental side of being a two-sport athlete (track & field):
"It's tough. You kind of have to flow into it. It happens pretty quickly and I don't get a lot of time off from one sport to the next so I have to just jump into it and clear my mind of everything else."

On what he wants to accomplish in his last season:
"I definitely want to have a winning season and get the chance to win a MAC championship. I've got some in track, but not in football. Hopefully we can reach a bowl game too."

On how the quarterback competition has impacted the wide receivers:
"Everybody throws the ball a little a differently so we're just trying to adjust to it. We're trying to work with all of them as much as we can."

Junior safety Michael Hinton
On how sitting out affected him:
"Right now, I've been really aggressive in practice because I'm so anxious to get out there. I just have to make sure I pay attention to detail and focus on the things that the coaches want me to do so when I do get out there I can play to the best of my ability."

On the schedule:
"Right now, we're not thinking past Sept. 2. We're just trying to do the things that will help us get better each week and each day. It's coming along pretty well, and we think by the time we get there we'll be able to challenge those teams at any level."

On his move to Athens:
"It's been great. I couldn't ask to be with a better group of guys. The coaching staff came here to win games just like I did. It's been going great and the transition has been very smooth. I'm enjoying the people and enjoying the school."

On the expectations of the secondary:
"We know the expectations of our defensive secondary are going to be big and we look forward to the challenge. We're be able to help the defense a lot by covering guys a little bit longer so they have more time to get that pass rush on. We're just out here trying to get better so when the challenges come, we'll be able to handle them."

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