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Getting to Know The @OhioFieldHockey Team: Tatyana Nelson

Getting to Know The @OhioFieldHockey Team: Tatyana Nelson
Oct. 24, 2016

“Getting To Know The @OhioFieldHockey Team” is a series where each player is asked 10 questions about themselves. The questions range from personal interests to background information about each player. Today’s featured player is redshirt sophomore Tatyana Nelson (San Diego, Calif.).

Where are you from? Was field hockey a big sport in your hometown?
I am from San Diego, California, and the state of California is the biggest place to play field hockey. I was really lucky my high school has done well and I believe they are ranked nationally now. So that’s really exciting for us.

What is your favorite thing about Athens?
I love the people. I love the small town environment, where it’s not too small and it’s not too big, it feels just right. I grew up near the city, so I’ve never lived in an environment like this and it feels really special.

What is your favorite thing about being a member of the Bobcats?
This team, I think, is pretty unique in the sense that we really take the time to get to know one another. We are all, for the majority, from out of state or out of country so we get to bond as a family and it’s our family away from home.

What is your hidden talent?
My hidden talent is I have a knack for trivia. I know a plethora of random information. So if anyone needs a trivia partner I’m the one for the job.

What is your favorite type of music?
I really enjoy most genres of music. I’m not really into heavy metal, but apart from that I can find a little bit of something in everything.

What artist or type of music do you listen to get pumped up for a match?
See, I’m weird because I like to be really calm. I’m not really into getting super aggressive. A little bit of Adele or maybe some Michael Bublé to set the mood and I’m ready to go.

What is your favorite food?
This is my inner Hawaiian, but I love SPAM and rice. Those are two of my favorite foods ever. It’s kind of gross, but I’m a big fan of it. And pineapples! They are amazing.

What is your favorite sport other than field hockey?
I used to be a huge soccer fan, and now I enjoy baseball, go Giants, but since I’ve come to school here my teammates have gotten me into ice hockey as well. I really enjoy watching the (Pittsburgh) Pens and (Columbus) Blue Jackets.

What is your favorite hobby?
I really like being outdoors. Anything that involves hiking or swimming, especially back home going to the beach.

What is your major? What do you want to do after college?
I am a BSS and major is media and management. I have concentrations in sports and sustainability. I would either like to work for the NCAA and work with student-athletes for a bit or I would like to work for airline in their PR department.


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